Conan Exiles Complete Edition on Steam

Hi all. I’m thinking about buying the Complete Edition on Steam that includes all the dlc but no battle pass. I’m only interested at the moment in goofing around in single player. The question is with this bundle all the previous dlc will be unlocked or will I need a battle pass for that?

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you only unlock all dlc. the battle pass. it is something apart from .

but I noticed a problem.

I first bought the normal version.

and a few months after I have buy the full edition version. (with a steam code).
on the same account.

when you buy the same game twice.

you can give 1 at someone. But I do not know why. when i bought the complete edition the base game was not included

The actual answer to your question is: Yes, all previous DLC and all items in them will be unlocked and usable, the battle pass is not required.

The batte-pass is the replacement for the old DLC system and that’s what brings new items along with the Bazaar item shop going forward, but all the old DLCs are still completely functional and unaffected by the battle pass in any way.

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Got it. Thanks.

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