Conan Exile/FunCom suffers from lack of Management


I have been coming up with a list of items to improve the game, that would have minimum development cost, small minor tweaks and changes. Some of it would just be cleaning up tool tips on items other things would be adding AI for thralls and pets passive behaviors. Rework on thralls tools tips/ inventory . Stats. Others would be to fix meche’s and clipping issues. On furnaces… adding in two-handed axes. It can be as simple as splicing together two handed Hammers and two handed swords combo attacks. Little to no development time.

Come up with a solid newsletter templates and format. That leads into a Content development calendar. Produce a 5-year plan on how you’re going to monetize the product. Hire a professional media Personnel come in and give a couple of classes on streaming behaviors codes of conduct and general public speaking. There’s a lot to learn about development of product in a public market and public publicly selling that product on media platforms. You guys need a little help with this

Plane 3 monetization products a year. 1 to be released each quarter, also Have a pole and let the community pick one of The monetization products a year.

Hire some additional management and start an internship program in your studio Network with the local college or university to source that Talent level. And to subsidize your labor, Also Outsource some of your work. Stuff like graphic design, textures, items concept art. But keep your core game Mechanic close to The Center of the studio.

The issue I see Conan Exile suffers from lack of quality Talent. And this needs to be addressed and quickly probably within the next fiscal year.

But most of the issues that I’m seeing, or directly related to lack of management oversight. And engagement. Everything from tasking the proper person to vet patch content before release, from deciding what is acceptable for content release (ie) “Halloween idea” you know who you are! you literally lost 20% of the player population. And don’t forget the validation of internal mechanics. As a manager it is critical to assign task and then follow up on them and I have seen numerous cases where this has not been done in the product, what I haven’t figured out is. is-it a case of too many chiefs and not enough Indians or too many Indians and not enough chief.

here is a playlist of Videos i have come up-with to fix Issues with the game

I have repeatedly seeing the same issues populate on the forms over the last couple of months. And they just simply aren’t addressed for example the optimized inventory request has probably been posted over 30 times but yet FunCom wants to dump their resources into a holiday event that kills the population and is a poor experience overall.

Also the complete denial of cheaters and exploits. This issue needs to be addressed because it’s diminishing the population, and generally providing an overall bad experience for the player base. They have to come up with a sound solution and address it head-on. Because denying it isn’t going to solve the problem unless their view of this product is just a cash grab and if that’s the case I’m wasting my time writing this post. Button closing fun, needs to take a more active role on the community forms. Listen to what the community is really saying not pull assets from the product and put them into other games.

Why did you kill the game

I agree with the last line about not pulling resources from Conan to use on other projects. Also, needing to address exploits; which they do address. I’ve played the game for over a year and its continuously being improved. It’s more stable, there’s more features, more dlc’s, and special events are a bonus! I look forward to the next event. As for management, they are keeping things rolling. It probably boils down to resources and priorities, so kudos to them! As far as talent, the graphics are incredible! What they do with the modeling and texture mapping is incredible. Say what you will, but I think they have the most talented artists in 3d gaming! Geat job Conan team, keep the paid DLC’s coming. I’d suggest an additional region being added as a DLC to the map which could be accessed on certain special servers. The more money you guys can make, the more resources that can be provided for my favorite game! My only suggestion is to dump a pile of money into clever advertising on YouTube and the like. Sword fighting! Crafting! Building! Nudity! Yes!


I think I should have elaborated a little bit more to the reference of Talent, yes you are correct visually and concept wise game is amazing it is stunningly beautiful and the unreal 4 engine really brings out the best. But it also brings out the worst there are some Legacy issues that exist that are carried over from the unreal 3 engine. When I refer to Talent I’m referring to more of the technical side. The networking, under messaging and how the 3D objects interact in the world. And how they are used in exploits I have something like 20 videos up of bugs that I have found in the game on a different playlist, most of them are clipping meshing videos. But when I refer to Talent I’m referring to the more technical side. How a artificial intelligence works, the under meshing and models, animations, and how all this impacts the server load in the virtual universe. And there is also a gentle carelessness of vetting products before they are published. I’ve also made videos of these showing tooltips not matching missing text.

my Videos playlist of all the Bugs a have found…


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