Conan exiles, and general internet!

so… i have a pretty fast internet. but for some reason when i start Conan exiles, i just lose internet. i have no clue why lol.

its like, i can still write with friends on steam, but i cant see any games. i also cant see any conan servers. i also cant really go to any website.

im so confused as to why this happen? has anyone had the same thing?

To clarify, your router is not loosing connection? Have you tried reinstalling the game? That may solve some of your problems and is usually the best place to start.

Are you using mods, or is your game not up to date?? I know you won’t see servers that aren’t on the same update as you. Are you on test-live and trying to back to normal??

nm, it might help if I continue reading. lol

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no to servers. yes to up to date.

its literally an internet thing. then after some time, suddenly i get internet again. maybe its because im on the server list and it lists those servers and that takes up the blunt of the internet? no clue!

Have you tried rebooting your router? If it’s an internet thing then it wouldn’t be the game causing the problem. Also are you using wifi or a Ethernet cable connection?

it hasnt happened once. its happened a lot, and its only when this game is open. im uncertain if it happens while im on a server also, or just when im searching for a game to join

Ok, have you tried reinstalling the client?

i have… not.

i think ive had the same problem when i played ark.

Were you able to solve the problem with Ark? I don’t want to jump to conclusions but it could be your network card/adaptor. After trying a reinstall if the problem persists the next option would be to check your PCs drivers and ensure that they’re up to date especially your network card’s drivers.

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