Weird internet activity

Hi all, When connecting to servers it works fine only on the first iteration. If I try to do a second search, I lose internet connectivity. Something inside the search is causing this to happen because I can replicate this. This is similar to the same thing that happened on launch for me. The first search would work, but any other search after that does not work. I even alt tab out and it says I have no internet connection until I close conan exiles, then it comes back. It has been a year and I was hoping this was fixed, but maybe im the only one with the issue. It is not game breaking, just extremely annoying to have to exit out and load back up.

Assuming you did a game validation in steam.

Are you sure its not some other issue which only gets to the surface when conan runs?

There have been quite a few .net issues. Though I really dont know if some ethernet stuff is being influenced by .net… I only experienced mine when I wanted to play conan exiles. (And another time after having installed this game again, when ~a week after that some .net update caused a dozen bluescreens… I guess you can imagine how fast that update got deinstalled? :joy:)

Also if you already had this problem earlier with only you having had this kind of problem… I guess that problem could be on your side?

  • Is it still the same machine?
  • Are all the drivers up to date?
  • Does your OS still do updates? (There is a problem when it will cease to work but can be fixed. If you didnt get some update for like an eternity, maybe you should take a peek at how old the last updates are. If older than a year, maybe the updater got broken. There are quite a few manuals how to fix it.)
  • Have you tried to completely wipe your computer, doing a fresh reinstallation of your operating system?

If you didnt:

  • Are you sure if the firewall lets Conan and steam communicate without any restrictions? (If those ports are blocked or a certain program isnt on some exception list, that might cause problems.)
  • Are you sure that your anti vir stuff lets Conan and steam communitate without any restrictions? (Same like with firewall.)
  • Is there some other firewall? (At our place some horizon box. Only if someone else manages that box, as I would assume that if you didnt change anything there?)

And if you dont want to look at those, check the steam list of servers. All of those servers should be shown there as well… Allowing you to connect with them without using the ingame browser.
(Steam -> way up, with those few buttons “View” -> Servers; will include history, favorites and of course “internet” as well, showing all servers)

Ill check that, I havent done anything other than install conan exiles a week or so ago.

I just wiped windows about a month ago because of microsoft updates failing. I did a fresh install from scratch, so my drivers should be up to date unless something has changed within the last month. Windows is successfully updating as well. It is the same machine (i5 6500, 16g ram, 1080 GTX 5 gig version). I will check the other things you suggested and get back to you guys. thanks.

Did you succeed bro?