Conan Exiles Bug

I can’t stay logged into the game, I get booted after about 3 minutes and my T3 Ymir temple that I finished the day before the update is now T2. I also left my toon out in the jungle near the shipwrecks but when I was finally able to get in the game for a few minutes I was back at my home base and clicking “e” didn’t let me interact with anything in my camp, not my temple crafters and for a while I couldn’t even get out of my own house. What is going on?

Try to reinstall the game, that helped for me.

The game begins to act unstable after updates. So clean installation after any new update will make the game more stable in my experience.

ok thanks

tried that it didn’t work

Are you using any mods?

the server I’m on is modded

I’m on a Pippi Sexiles server

that probably is what is causing trouble to you.
when the mods update to catch up to the new game version they usually kick everybody out until the server is also updated.
there also may be some inconsistencies, so i would blame the mods. yesterday i couldn’t even play because of that.

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now the owner added a password which has me locked out

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