Cant join sever


no crash bug i get to play. i log off next day i log in cant connect, have tried all the fixes nothing this is really starting to piss me off fix this i can see this had been going on for a year no WHY. ITS A JOKE

I am sorry that you are having issues but for anyone to attempt helping you, you need to be more specific:

  • what server
  • mods
  • error messages
  • what have you tried so far

It’s a privert sever, mods are. Rp Aesthetic. Greater camera distance,pipi user and sever management,slaver mod,char edit light, crassus,fashionst 3.2.1,shameless and shy m&f
Aquilonina females,barbarian barber.

I have tried all the fix verifying game cash. Complete new install setting and adjusting max ping from 5000 to 500 or 1000 I play for either the whole time it let’s me or I get disconnected after 4 mins. Or soon as I log out I cant log back in. No error message

? No one can reply. This needs to be fixed it’s a piss take payed for a game I cant even play what a joke GOOD ONE DEVS

Have you considered it may be the mods at fault? Or the host of your private server? I fear your blame may be misplaced on this one. Check with the host to figure it out, once you mod the game the devs can’t be held accountable for third party files that may be messing it up

Zayvin, there’s not much information available to be able to form a reply, sorry :frowning:

Those who choose to volunteer to help (as well as the Funcom officials) rely on the information at the top of a new post to lead them in particular directions so the help is appropriate to the problem.

You chose to ignore that and are feeling the effects, again, sorry, but there’s not much to go on and appears to be a general rant about something.



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