Conan Exiles Clan help

I have searched everywhere & all I get in search engines is “how to invite to clan”

I have joined a clan… it’s in my Co-Op world… what I want to know is:

Can you play with a clan member not on your friend list?

The leader of the clan I joined isn’t on my friends list… and it’s weird cause it’s my world… so is he able to just join in or does he have to be invited in order to play

And if I join someone else’s world I noticed that I’m not still in that clan. Is that right?

Are clans only “per world”??

Thank you, any help would be great & it will keep my phone from being thrown in frustration from fruitless searches

I don’t know about playing Co-Op with ones not in your friends list, but yes, you’ll have different characters on different servers (“worlds”) and one extra character for your single-player and Co-Op, so clans are for one server too.

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