I have a Few ideas concerning Conan and Future updates.

  1. Add Underwater Biomes
  2. Add underwater bases because this would look and be soo kool so many new building designs and content by adding this feature.
  3. Add Boats to the game that you have to craft would be so Awsome to see.
    4 Make the biomes More Interesting and Dense add city’s and more places like a trading Hub where people can meet up and it’s only PVE in the Area.
  4. Add SADDLES for elephants&Rhinos this is a MUST !! We need more Content then give the community what we want make your game BIG atm it’s Empty but has loads of potential. Love the game needs more Content
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#1 will not happen, Funcom have stated there will be no new biomes added, but a few new dungeons are in the works. #2 & #3 seem interesting, but would be difficult, particularly the underwater base parts. The last point however will not happen, or at least anytime soon, mounts have been basically scrapped.

Can we get sorcery in the game please? Even if it’s something like a magic cook fire. I definitely would like to see combat based sorcery though

Technically it is happening there working on an underwater city dungeon boss fight

Read my post again, it says new dungeons were announced, it’s not in a new biome.

I would see issues with players being enables to build underwaterbases.
While I like the idea of them, the setting of conan is rather… primitive. I doubt it fits this game.

This underwaterdungeon looks awesome!

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