Conan Exiles UPDATES

  1. Dense/NEW Biomes

2.Mounts, Elephants&Rhinos would be Awsome

  1. Add Boats that you have to build

  2. Add underwater Building pieces for bases

  3. More pet variations Add gorillas from jungle

  4. Community centre of Map where you can Trade and is PVE ONLY IN THE AREA.

Firstly, this should be in suggestions, not updates and bugs, also;

Funcom have already confirmed there will be no new biomes, so this won’t happen.

Mounts have been basically scrapped until further notice.

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The game is going to fail then and if I wanna put it in updates I will

People have been complaining the whole time this game has been out. It’s already a success. So saying it’s gonna fail is silly. Games don’t fail. They get beaten, or left behind for newer games. It’s always been like that. There are tons of people who play this game and will continue playing for a long time. If you think this game is a failure maybe you should remove yourself from the conan community and join the kids area and play Minecraft.

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