What's the Last Biome (North-east) it's gonna be about?

In the final map of Conan Exiles there is a huge empty patch in the north-east section of the map.

Is Funcom planing on making a last Biome here? If that’s the case I hope it is some huge ocean with many islands and the inclusion of boats. We already have all the classic settings of Robert E. Howard’s world: Tundra, frozen mointains, deserts, african savana and jungle. The only thing missing is the ocean and the pirate setting.

What you gusy think this biome it’s gonna be about?

(also I would love for the team to make something in the south-east corner, something interesting with the desert there, maybe a huge dungeon inside a forgoten city or piramid)

Sorry for my bad english…



The south east would be a great place for a massive city like dungeon / labyrinth would be really fun maybe lock it behind some kind of gate and restrict building there so it’s for all players.

As for the North East a frozen ocean kinda zone would be neat with maybe a few haunted ship wrecks to explore

What do you think of these suggestions?


Sounds Perfect!

It will also be really cool if they implement some kind of boats for the ocean and rivers. It will make the game even more unique. Also they could make an ocean religion and avatar (maybe Dagon).

Do you have any reliable info about the plans of the devs? They’ve been silent sin May 9th.


Sorry I do not they seem to be taking a break since the release and really I cannot blame them it’s always stressful leading up to and just after a major release.

I actually don’t want boats simply because of the same reason as mounts makes the map feel smaller. But making a ocean base is currently doable and fun to have also decent to defend as well because of the limited actions you can do while in water

As for another religion I think that’s a great idea but they have a long way to go with current system so it’s better they sort out this before jumping for more.

I will say if they add this kinda stuff I feel it will likely be paid dlc and for me I’m totally fine with that

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They have said there will be no more new biome ( from their video)… Anywau, right now the north east region is where dungeon are located outside of the map, such as volcano dungeon etc. That’s where you could spawn in nthe erarly acces testlive by going into the dragonmouth entrance.

So yeah, it’s just the “hidden” location of dungeon, not a biome to come.

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100% agree with you about the payed DLCs. As long as we don’t get microtransactions it’s all good. People in this game are more than whilling to pay for more content I think, and It will help the devs justify the hard work.

About boats, well it depends, the mounts would make the map fill smaller because of the speed of a horse or a camell, bot if the boats are just as fast as the characters running speed (which faster than swiming) I think it can be well balanced and it can open the dor to very interesting situations.

Wait, are you telling me that this (the red portion) is a dungeon?

That must be one heck of a dungeon then!.

In any case, if devs said there would not be another biome (which as they explained refer to a new ecosystem) does not mean they will not fill up this section of the map with something… right?.. RIGHT? :s

The blue portion I think it would be good for a desert dungeon like in “The Slikthering Shadow” (Which is my favorite Conan Story).

One can only hope. Maybe if we make enough noise (and show that we are whilling to pay for it) the devs will fill this sections up. After all they’ve been very receptive to the community so far.


That sounds more like it. Anyhow, do you think they’ll fill up this section of the map?

But they keep saying in the dev diaries that the word “Biome” reffered to a particular ecosystem. they could fill the missing portions of the maps with just the same think that we already have (I think ocean, and Islands of different size would be the easiest thing to do, maybe with a couple of new water monsters and a submarine big dungeon).

As for the popularity, the numbers are speaking for themselves (Even if it is a little soon to tell), with a 1.000.000+ copies sold during early access, beign the first game that reclaim it’s full player base after full launch (literaly the first early access game to achive this) AND being called by many critics (even those that gave the game just a 7 or a 6) THE BEST SURVIVAL GAME OUT THERE.

I think it is safe for the devs to assume that the game it’s a mayor hit inside the genre, and specially for a AA company like funcom. Making a huge payed DLC or even making a big enough update will bring them more money in a heart beat (I think the payed DLC is the way to go but that’s for them to decide)

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Well paid dlc is also great if it can be done in 3-6 months as player base falls off they can get another big payday and bring more people in

It’s exactly why EA works you get the initial payday of players hoping into the game early than again at release time and subsequently each dlc does the same thing it’s unfortunately great marketing

If they plan on doing mounts in any form I’m going to guess the next biome will be steppe land.

I don’t know if mounts are in the best interest of the game mechanics, you could traverse the world without any real danger.

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Oh, you mean just like the way we can already do?
Something is chasing you? run from it!
They don’t give up? Climb on a cliff or tree and wait 10 seconds!

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Hahahaha no need to be Ironic man, I get what you are saying. I thing that the little chase in it self, managing stamina, and climbing into a rock, add a lot of rolplaying and realism. With a horse you loose both of those scenarios, animals are no longer a thread, you dont have to manage stamina, climb a rock and wait for them to leave or dive from a cliff and see if you manage to turn around fast enoung and grab the wall before falling into your death. Besides, most of conan adventures are on foot so I think in this regard Exiles goes pretty well with the source material.

(Although I have to confess that I would love to have a camell in the game)


Mounts are completely unnecessary. My Clan’s base is located on an island on newb river in the western part near the dregs, and even when we port to the volcano from the map room to farm or collect thralls, it doesn’t take that long to run from the volcano to newb river. I would however love to see the addition of canoes.


YES PLEASE! Canoes over horses any day of the week!

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