Are new areas or biomes planned in the future?

After around a thousand hours I would like to ask if there are new areas or biome planned in the future?

All signs indicate the map is considered complete and won’t get any updates (except new dungeons eventually).

There will be no new biomes on this map, they already excluded this at release and there will be no further expansion of the existing map. They will add a few dungeons in near future. Beside this there is no other roadmap for new biomes or maps. But they will support this game further in the future so there might come something new to explore.

this game have lot of potencial, it would be shame waste it, northeast part of map calls for new biom ie. fjord at least funcom be feel like at home

this kind of genre is popular and conan exiles is uniqe /thralls,gods etc/, if they polish him even more add new major update each quartal or half a year, this game make it high, i belive it

so funcom pls dont abbadon this hidden tressure betwen games,dont make this mistake

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