Map expansion maybe?

I think I could easily dump way more hours in if there was a decent map increase. Thats all I want lol.

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I am copying and pasting this from the wiki since this comes up a lot. Essentially though, further map growth isn’t likely to happen.

No new biomes are planned at this time.[4] New dungeons, however, are. (see Upcoming features)

  • Areas outside the map (mostly the top right corner) are used to ‘hide’ the Dungeons, which are not directly visible, but have a building that acts as marker above their location.
    • The true location of each dungeons are displayed on each dungeon’s Media section.
  • The size of the map is just about hitting the actual limit of 400k x 400k - after that, Unreals’ physics start misbehaving.
    • For example, on the eastern-most islands, corpses tend to fall through the ground.
    • Newer versions of UE are said to cope better with these problems. However, it would take a huge investment to move the game to a newer engine version.

Join the queue, lol. A map increase or additional new map would be immensely popular. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that either will happen. The current map is technically constricted, and a new map would be very resource intensive… resources which Funcom are currently directing towards fixing & fleshing out what they already made.

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On the other hand if you play on PC there are a couple fan-made maps in the works, though they’re both in the pretty early stages at this point:

I’m waiting to try them out until they’ve been worked on a bit more, but if you want new ground to explore I’d say they’re worth keeping an eye on.


Thanks, bookmarked! Hopefully those will bear fruit sometime, I would looooove a new map.

I’m secretly hoping Funcom will announce a new map in the future… once they’re done polishing the current one, as a way to cash in on all the hard work they’ve put into polishing, adding pets, sorcery etc. I’m certain this would very popular and lead to more dlc sales, but I’m not in a position to know if this would be economically viable for them.

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Hades is a really good modder too. Hades sent me some teases of the new weather system that they’ve been working on prior to initial launch on steam. It’s really cool stuff.

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