The missing part of the map

So, there’s just under a quarter of the current map available up in the North East, will this get filled in and used? If so, what would you like to see there?

You might think that…

But in reality, it’s where Dungeons are/will be located, and (if I understand correctly) also to some degree modded content can make use of it. There will be no official map expansion into there however.


It’s reserved for dungeons. Those need to exist “somewhere” on the map even though they seem like they’re underground at their entrance. The game engine teleports the player to this otherwise inaccessible location when the character enters a dungeon.

So that’s what we’ll “see” out there.

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Well that I did not know. Thanks.

Dregs is in Soutwest, if you look at coffee/bloodstain in NE, thats where Well of Skelos is (or maybe it was Blackkeep, I forget.

According to another post, you can visit landscape on PC, And there landmarks out there for them. It just area to hide them right now. (one can hope they copy paste them to new spot)

According to wiki, the map is at 400k x 400k, which is limit for unreal engine. (before it gets buggy, like Elder Scrolls maps do beyond a certain point)

I assumed as they need a load screen, the dungeons were ‘off map’ but I guess the minimal load time says not.

Could they not be below other map elements? Below the mesh?

Probably. I claim no special knowledge in this area - but I believe there are other concerns that mean that while, yes, the Dungeons could well be “below the mesh” as it were, the above-ground areas are still useless for other gameplay. It’s possible that this could be solved, but that it won’t retroactively be done.

In any case, Funcom has been quite clear when it comes to “map expansions”: forget about it. Not gonna happen. Which is a pity in a way, it’s such a wildly popular suggestion for a reason. But I’m assuming Funcom’s position on the matter is also “for a reason”.

They are below, And ya its save load times.

But there not that far below from what I heard. So someone can place foundation above it, and land claim it, and despawn enemies.

from my understanding, they need be moved, or relocated before they can use it. (I heard there was mods for area, I’m ps4)
its like a 1-2min load time as is for CE map. Not even sure they could make it bigger for Console users.
I don’t mind load time myself, I can see from PVP stand point… your loading out of dungeon and Someone could be killing you. (which then requires they make safe spots…which then means people will abuse safe spot…)

Never ending mess it seems. XD

We get 4-5 new dungeons soon. (I havnt seen live streams in sometime, there time zone is so off from mine) Not sure were there being placed.

lots of dragon bones there

Exact, got there on my own server with admin consol tp as i searched for the missing journey-points (locations or stones, don’t remember witch).

I think we was all lurking at this corner a moment. :rofl:

Just did the Midnight Grove and on the map I was still at the Child of JS location so it’s not impossible.

That area of the map should just be a control panel, holding the waypoint controls, the icon legends for the map, and a primer on how to use coords.

This way people will stop wondering what’s behind the panel.

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Unless you’re using admin commands, the map doesn’t show you where you really are while you’re in a dungeon. It shows you where you think you are.


Here’s some more information on why they don’t expand the map:

If you fall thru well of Skelos,(or bad teleport) You can actually see past nothingness, and fall for several mins, and move yourself. And check map to see your self moving. (on ps4 anyway)

it’s an endless well :wink:

There have been some very lengthy discussions regarding map expansion in the past. This one started by myself has both some good explanations and also arguments from both sides contained within if you would like to read up on the topic further.

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Lets not forget Apirl 11th livestream, pointing out its unlikely, but not a 100% no.

they got other thing to do before I think they’ll look into it. we got 1 of 4 dungeons on its way. =3

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