Useless area on this side

why devs, Why this big area, dont have nothing? just a green wall of death

a huge area to add new things, like mobs, dungeons, quests, etc…

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Can we sell it in bazaar? No? Pass

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WAG? All the zones that require a loading screen are there. Sunken City. Jhebel Saag. Black Keep, volcano dungeon. etc.

At least, as far as I understand it that is the case. Could be mistaken. I think there is a mod that may attempt to expand the map there. never loaded it to see how effective it was or if it affected game performance.


You’re quite right. This area contains all the dungeons and is reserved for some future ones (Kurak dungeon is such an example). One can “MakeMeAdmin” in SP, ghost there and look at all those dungeons under the sand mesh. Even a cave leading into the Volcano is there, such a little appendix.


If you go into a dungeon and open de map you can see where you are, its all over these empty places.

I don’t really see why they need to use empty space on the map for this though… it could also be located below the map.

After all… if they are all loaded in at once I don’t the the loading screen… but its UE4 not 5 so what do I know :stuck_out_tongue:


I imagine they’ll expand there in the future. Dennis said previously on a stream that he was told all the dungeons were stored there, but discovered many were not, so an expansion is not impossible. Can’t quite remember which stream it was unfortunately.

For reference, there are at least two dungeons up there, the Wine Cellar and the Well of Skelos, both located around the border of N15. Plenty of other dungeons are pretty far from here though. Kurak’s dungeon is north of the volcano, The Sunken City is west of C6, Skulker’s End is in D2 etc

I imagine the biggest challenge is putting something interesting there. Even with giving the Well of Skelos and Wine Cellar a wide berth, that’s still a pretty hefty area to fill


Even though there is dungeons up there, the dungeons dont actually start until row 15 or 16 on the map. That means that there is still potentially up to 6×7 squares, or 56 squares in total. And even if we want to leave a further row or two empty as a buffer (there are some HUGE) mountains obscuring them from sight!), that is still a large area of potential to work with.

We were always told that it would not be possible to expand the map any further and add new biomes, as the game was already close to what systems (possibly consoles) can handle, and to expand further could adversely impact the games physics. But while my subjective experiences are not a normative sample, I personally have built numerous bases and even vilages beyond the Cursed Wall and have encountered zero issues myself. Furthermore, the questions included in the most recent survey surrounding additional map & biomes seems to imply it may just be possible after all. I am keen for at least one more biome befor development on Conan Exiles eventually stops myself.

As it would happen I pitched a couple of biome ideas at Funcom a few years back, which they remain most welcome to use if they wish to.


I think the gloomy swamp idea would be pretty cool up there - plenty of room for undead and maybe some new nasty bog critters. Siptah kinda covered the beach options and ziggurats, at least to an extent - though, in theory, the area of space in question might have a coastline continuing from north of Buccaneers Bay. The high mountains with caves and rope bridges might also be pretty cool - even more ambitious would be an underground city akin to Xanaidar (think I’m remembering the name right), the underground city Conan finds full of a cult, but eventually gets swept away by its undead original inhabitants. Though, I guess the Wine Cellar is maybe already the Exiled Lands version of that. The rolling oak forests someone else suggested is also a pretty appealing idea. Lots of good possibilities :slight_smile:


I’d like to see something like the land of the dead covered in mist. A land of sorcery and demons and undead creatures.


From what’ve seen how game handles stuff about map, its more a load issue for people with HDD’s. As Its already a min + to load into game with out an SSD.
Them adding store content hasn’t changed that.

I had screen shots of area, two of dungeons are in Sky. (Dregs being in Southwest under sand and out of sight)

One is a black box floating in sky, (as its meant to be in cave.

On ps4, you can climb to volcano top, on clear day see a blotch out in distance past green wall.

You got giant gator just passed green wall.

They’d have to move him…

Pretty sure they could redo small section of it… Extended it abit up (from swamps and pirate bay) Move Mountain Pass abit higher to block it.
Nice enclove there they could sneak in a Dungeon or another set of ruins with several Bosses.

At same time… As much as CE could use a new Map… make a new map.
I’d love more dungeons… I’m enjoying revamped old ones (thou minor)

And if they did rework that zone… why not rework alot of edges of map.
They could extended “Endless Wastes” and hide some high level dungeons down there. Just have it be extremely hot, and ruins out of site so newbies don’t attempt it. XD

Bro. They cannot even afford to hire worldbuilders for long enough to fix the some 37 well-known entry points into the mesh. You think that they have the budget to add more mountains and caves and green grass and swampies? :rofl:


If anything - they should tidy up Conan Exiles, and pursue work on a Conan Exiles 2 on the Unreal 5 Engine. Preserve the existing map (because it’s awesome), or archive the map as an option to load up in CE2. Kind of like the Siptah map. The best part - invest PROPERLY in the team and the QA so that they can fix all of the longstanding problems with the existing game. Put out some Valve-level quality.

I would do like $100 right now for a pre-order on something like that. If I could be convinced that they were going to truly go the distance with QUALITY. I would need a lot of reassurance on that first.

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each map square represents roughly 256m x 256m.
Total map represents roughly 25sq. mi. (5mi x 5 mi)
that’s only 2 dimensional thinking.
Remember it is supposed to be a 3D space.
That means the total space is much bigger.
Calculate 5mi wide x 5mi long x 5 mi high.

Sure, you’re running out of space building dungeons outside the parameter of the primary map space. Little wonder you’re running into issues.

Havok can handle it.
Bullet can handle it.
PhysX can handle it.

Could have built the dungeons directly attached to the landmarks.
(Excepting the Sunken City). That could have been placed below the entry point.
Don’t have to think just left or right.
Could have also thought up and down.

interesting fact abput outsde gfeen wall. There is a building spline around the green wall that lets build available inside it (current map). Technically one should not be able to build outside that spline ( smaller splines are used to create no build zones inside the main spline ariund camps etc. btw). But we can in sp and privates. Which leans toward the “things get wonky” for the code the farther from 0,0 on map. So that may be the theorized limit of the engine at play.

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