Is the map going to grow?

Someone on Steam said it’s functionally complete - which is a bit bummer to start a live game knowing it’s in the end-game.

What’s the road-map for this game at this point?

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I believe they plan to add some more dungeons and add sorcery to the game. No plans to expand map areas or biomes.

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I secretly hope for tempest of set :slight_smile:
That’d be the best day ever.

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I just want some good old ritual sorcery. Some Necromancy and summoning.

I’d love to summon snakes.

If you go to the South of Set City, the ghost wall crosses an open area the appears to be a ruined road or stream pointing off the map, and the ghost wall appears to be blocking resources at the base of a hill futher to the South. The placement of this wall looks as if they just placed it without looking at the area.

The wall could have been placed on the top of the hill, but it is making resources redundant.

I speculate that IF there is a map expansion, it will take place to the South of Set City.
The maprooms have at least one more spot to add on to.

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They should make a sticky stating there is no map expansion planned. Or else announce that they will make a map expansion. This is getting worse than game dead meme.

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It would be cool if we could meet giants(not frost) and explore the part of the Outer Dark where they live once sorcery is added in.

A desert you can get lost in with Oasis to fight over

Isn’t that where your character walks off into the sunset during the last cutscene when you “finish” the game? Those resources could’ve been put there just for that

I think one reason it keeps getting brought up is that there’s a huge blank area on the northeast of both the map room and the map in the menu. For a new player, this implies another map extension eventually.

It also shows the dev’s were planning on it being this big at one point. I’ve heard that they’ve now stated this space will be used for dungeons, which I don’t really get. We’re way past the point where a game’s map size was determined by disc (or cartridge) space. If a dungeon is underground it doesn’t need to use any of the map space.


Supposedly the open space in the Northeast is the location of the dungeons when the game populates them. The same can be seen in other games when interior cells are not in the proper location in relation to the entrance.

In the previous post, the wall and resources I am referring to is a bit South of the opening. Following the boundery, you will eventually see that the ghost wall is blocking iron resources in a litter ditch. Compared to the placement of the ghost wall at the jungle, you can assume that the map may continue.

There are size limits to UE4. The physics engine breaks down if you go to far. There are already and have been dungeons in that blank spot on the map. With 4 more dungeons coming, they gotta go somewhere.


So once again I see problems arising from the choice of game engines here. Seems like UE4 wasn’t the best choice to build a multiplayer survival game with.

This seems like a cop-out to me. Like they were planning on having a bigger map, decided against it afterwards for whatever reason, and are now saying this as an excuse instead of telling us the truth.
Did they not know about this limitation when they started building the game?
Did they not intend to have any dungeons at all originally?

Look at the map room tile. Why make it that big, with that huge chunk of empty space next to the volcano, if it was always intended to be used for underground dungeons? It’s comparable in size to the whole frozen north.
The tile also has spaces around the edge for 2 more mini obelisks. It was clearly designed to eventually support one more biome containing another two more obelisks.

Granted I don’t know a lot about game design, but why do the dungeons need to take up space on the outer world map at all? They need a loading screen to get to anyway, so is it not possible to have 2 separate maps in the game and put the dungeons in another "underground " map?

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It wasn’t an “excuse” given to why the map was completed. The actual reason given is that they met their goals and had/have no further plans on further map expansion. The tech limitation is additional information on why further map expansion is unlikely to happen.

I’m not an expert on map design, but if I sit and think about it for half a minute, there are likely dozens of reasons why each warp dungeon doesn’t have its own map instance with how Conan Exiles is designed. Even Ark, where you can transfer your character and Dino’s across maps, has to have each map hosted on another server.

Dungeons have been planned as far as I know, since the start. Whether or not they ever intended on filling the gap you describe to add more stuff in, I can’t say other then what they have told us. Which is, right after May 8th 1.0 release (which was when the volcano and Swungle were added) they said the map was done and that they weren’t planning on expanding it further other then dungeons. They have repeated this statement a dozen more times.


In this Thread you will find every information about a possible new map including several statements from the Devs. It will take you some time to read :innocent: but it’s worth of it
A new map / explore new worlds

Yeah, It’s called buy ARK lol.

In the last interview with Joel Bylos they say they will fix the game and add magic ,if they lie like bethesda or no man lies (o sorry sky) is sad. I do have doubts now after this bug update in dec… But they say the priority is to make a stable game ( well they manage to do that !!!) add magic, and ofc DLC in order to provide some income.

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Hey you all,

The statement is already noted on the wiki:

If you want to know more about planned features, there’s

If you have any issues browsing the page, contact me/us here or on the fan-made discord. You’re also welcome to contribute :wink:

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I didn’t mean to come at you by quoting you there. No offense intended. But that is what I’ve seen them say here a dozen times, as you said, so quoting you seemed the easiest way to make my point.

One place was in the thread @TwoJay linked, but I hadn’t followed it long enough to get to the technical stuff before. Interesting stuff, thanks.

As a player, it’s disappointing to hear, but whatever. The map is already huge. I love CE the way it is. (Or really was, given the current state of bugs on consoles. Now it’s more of a dysfunctional marriage.) I never would have even bothered to join this forum if I didn’t.

As an artist, it does really bother my design sense tho. That’s probably my biggest gripe here, lol. Every time I teleport my OCD wants to fix it.

It didn’t always look like that either, judging by YouTube vids from ea. Why did they pay someone to redesign it, just to have a large slice of unused space?
It really seems like while working on the jungle and volcano areas, they changed their plans for whatever reason, and the map and map room tile were already done so they left them.

Between their involvement in this forum, the trello board’s existence, and the live streams they do on twitch, I think funcom goes way above most other dev’s with transparency and involving their players.
But I’ve also seen they’re not above giving us less than accurate reasons for things on the forums here as well. This seems like one of those.

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