Map expansion possible?

any chance we will ever get boat\raft sailling mechanics and crafting?..
maybe even an expandtion for the map to the sea with islands and typhoon storms and sunken ships with tresure chests and sea animals to hunt and the houl area could be tropical\zingaran with a zingaran port with npcs and such.

i know im overwish this but… meh…

The devs will focus on performance, stability and bugs first.

They have stated that the map will not be expanded. There is always the possibility for some areas to be “changed”, but mainly only dungeons will be added. The Midnight Grove is the first one since release in May 2018, and my guess more will follow that path. Maybe not always a new god, but definitely the way it forces ou to fight your way thru. The areas that are “empty” are where they put the dungeons in the memory of game.

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Game needs a bit more server side optimization for bigger map sizes. Even with large communities with 60+ people online, you can sometimes have issues running into active players. The current map size is quite large. For it to go a bit larger we’re going to need to be able to up the player count to compensate.


Here’s the real reasons for the ones guessing at it!

Further explained on the Upcoming features page, includes a list of upcoming features (if anyone knows any more, please feel free to contribute them :smiley: ) - Any feedback on the wilderness the page is right now is appreciated!

Yes… uh, wait! wait please! you’ve forgotten something! hello? hellooo?..
read here: Religion - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Uh… well, um… I think you should have seen the first link before I say this, but it’s logical: if the improvements, as listed in the second link, come somewhat okay, it may mean people jump back in to see how the game fairs (a distant tumbleweed approaches)
Luckily, my personal bit of hate isn’t the official servers being unplayable currently,… so I won’t spur this topic into a hate pool, but discourage others to do so, even if that means I have to discuss UE’s limitations with others. (which you are better of asking modders for) :+1:

I wasn’t speaking of the popularity of the game. The map is too big for 40 man servers. Having played on 70 man servers that run at almost capacity around the clock, it can take a while before you run into someone. The Map is literally THAT big already.

The map is large enough IMO that it can handle a 100 slot capacity, boasting at least 3-5x that in a server community. And that is why I said we need to boost server optimization so we can have 100 slot servers be the norm.


100% agree

I stopped playing the game because there was nothing going on. Hardly encountered other players or large clans at war, everything just feels like a petty squabble between small groups and a neverending grind to blow up someones base for resources you could have acquired yourself in half hte time it took to blow up ten layers of walls.

I thought so, it was confusing, but I took the “having issues” thing the wrong way round.

Update: I asked Rob to clarify another reason for not expanding the map which had been stuck in my head. You’re now able to find it on the Map wiki page I posted. I also moved around the note for more Religions as it was under Trivia.

I couldn’t agree more. I get that people who feel like they’ve explored it all would like more to explore, but it’s a losing proposition as creating content to explore will ALWAYS take much, much longer than it does for players to consume it.

Enlarge the map?!
Beside the actual restrictions coming with the Unreal engine it depends also on the point of view.
PvE people will say - Yes we need a a larger map. We want to explore more dangers.
PvP people will say - No we want to battle each other. We don’t want to search for enemies too long.
So is the map at it’s current size the optimal compromise?
I don’t know - for me I would take a larger map if Funcom would do this, why not. At least the problem for me about the actual or a bigger sized map is the lack of tactical and strategical Quality of the map and it’s biomes.
Everybody wants to be in the north, because you get everything there, you can do everything there. There is no sandstorm and when you reach the high level there is even no real threat anymore. You don’t need to go in the southern biomes, there isnt really any necessary Ressource. Even the nameless City is not a place which is worth to visit more than one time.

Every Biome of the map should have a special advantage for the player you only get there, also every dungeon or the nameless city. Make the biomes more unique for resources and loot. Make the weather effects more drastical and dangerous and more variable (more Storms, vulcano activities, temperature events, add foggy weather, floods at the river) Make the nights more dangerous ( nightcreatures, dark magic), make the dungeons more unique for loot and things people can’t craft by themselves (unique items and I mean really unique), add more creatures, implement the magic and increase the relevance of the nameless city, give us more tactical mechanics like caravans for goods, the possibility to enslave the Thralls of other players , thrallmarkets, more Thralls in type and variety, commands for Thralls and behavioursettings.

The players will be so busy then, that they will forget about a larger map.

And after that , instead of a larger map, I would like to have another map :innocent:


I very much agree. It’s why I argued against the “new biome = higher level zone” philosophy back when the Frozen North expansion was first announced (obviously Funcom disagreed with that).


@TwoJay I also agree. This is why in my second suggestions list, I argued that stone nodes in The Unnamed City should have a random chance of dropping Corrupted Stones. Because frankly, there is little real incentive to keep going back there.

I say bring on the ‘Black Marshlands’ (Bog) biome. :slight_smile:

But definately keep those dungeons coming too. We love extra dungeons, and they are always valued additions.

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looking on the amount of land for each type of land…i find it unbalanced at all…spacialy from landscape beauty aspects…if you in the middle of the green zone you could see how thin that area is…almost unrealistic … ijust wished there was anough lang and stuff around u (natural) that you could feel you in a vast area…corrently no matter where you are you can see structures…

i want to have my tiny nordhimer village in the middle of no where…but sadly every direction i look…there is trace for the old civilization or other players massivetestical structures…and i checked all over the map…kinda dissapointing…

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