Will the "world" ever get bigger?

Do you think that the map will ever expand to a larger area than it currently is?
Hopefully it will at some point but I am curious about how they would explain it happening.


Let’s hope not, the server was already too laggy last night for reasons unknown, no avatar summoning, glitched purge, undermesh explosions maybe idk? I’d prefer quality to quantity. Fix this map plz

No, la zona fuera del mapa está reservada para hacer pruebas y crear las mazmorras.

Saying right now, i’ve money here waiting for any sizeable content expansion.

No, it won’t get bigger. They’ve maxed out the size they’re allowed to use with the U4 engine. If you have money waiting, it will be for a sequel but I’d say they should fix the problems with the game first and maybe get to a professional level using U4


I disagree with this. If you go into admin and fly past the green wall to the east of the volcano, you can see where parts of the map could be in the future. There is already sand and mountains over there and then you come to the big BLACK VOID. I am a modder and expert using UE4 and there is still plenty more they can do.

That’s Dungeon Land, supposedly. Haven’t actually verified it myself but it seems that’s where (some) dungeons (plus future ones) are located.

In any case, it seems unlikely. This is a popular request (for obvious reasons) and yet the answer has been negative every time. To my knowledge nothing has changed there.

That’s the dark spots on the map up in the top right corner. Im talking about southeast of the volcano, above the bat caves and further east than that all the way to the jungle area. Plenty of room for more map. The layout is already there. It doesn’t take much to throw in the architecture for trees and rocks and such. Just saying it’s possible, but hey, it’s not my game.

See for explanation on expansion etc. https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Map#Notes

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YES the top right corner. they are well on their way

So, in black desert, there is no fast travel, so you have auto run.

Conan exiles, before obelisk, imo, was a bit more fun. Made you explore and find fast routes.

I know it’s no argument to map size, but if we did get another one, I’d vote for deletion of obelisk.


You and me both buddy!


Thanks for the responses.
Just thought with the layout of the world map that the north eastern portion may have been fogged out for possible future areas.

Again, thanks for the heads up on Funcom’s reasoning for not increasing the map size. =)


There’s always the chance that they could do something similar to how Ark does it and just make a whole new map that you can either transfer your character to or start a new one.

what i’d like to see is a version of the map before the sandstorm… when the unnamed city was at its peak and the giankings existed… could be a new use for the keystone… place it in a certain ruin and be sent back to that time… then have to reassemble the keystone to escape that era… perhaps link it to what allows the giant kings to create the bracelet in the first place… meaning your escape from the exiled lands allows you to be exiled and trapped there in the first place…

In the server settings there has always been the option to chose which map you wanted. However, they never made any other maps yet. I am kinda surprised the modding community has never made any other maps either.

Maybe tie it in with removing the bracelet.
Similar to defeating the boss(es) on one Ark map to move on to the next.

There’s some in the works, which may or may not be completed at some point. You should join the modding discord’s mapping channel for more info.


Thank you for that information and link.

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Correct. Transferring between worlds should also be entirely possible with the right tools.

Making a map is a gigantic undertaking though, and until such a time as transferring between them becomes not just possible, but easy - small worlds will be less viable for servers.

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