Next expansion of the map

Where will arrive the next expension update ? At the north of the jungle for exemple ?

Unfortunately Funcom has claimed they are done expanding the map. The north of the jungle is where all of the dubgeons and whatnot are that you have to gonthrough a loading screen for. It teleports you to an area over there. It’s only accessible with admin controls.

The game engine basically cannot handle a bigger map than we have now, and as Punky_Chicken said, the remaining “empty” space is reserved for dungeons etc. They have to be physically somewhere on the map even if they’re “underground”. So what we see now is what we’ll have for any foreseeable future.

an additional obelisk that takes you to another server like on ark where you can find another map or where you can get together with players from other servers to fight :grin:

all possible if on ark you can do even on Conan you can do the servers are the same

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conan exiles is the best current game just invest more to make it always the first place :muscle:

I love the past map extensions, but I think the map is already too big even for 70 players per server.

I disagree, only because servers with 70 players average probably have a lot of newb traffic, with random sandstone houses cluttering the place. That takes up butt loads of space in the long run.

Probably true for the noob river, but when you play on other areas you seldom encounter other players unintentionally. Compare it to rust for example. Other players are a constant threat. CE has more a PvE like feeling in comparison.

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