Please funcom. Add more maps

Hi! We all love this game and all the updates makes it so much better. I can’t of speak for all the players but im sure the game would last if you worked on new maps doesnt have to be new bioms. Doesn’t have to include new lore. Use all the thing that are already ingame. Add a new map and add the climbing trainer. All the profession trainers and so on to that map.

The singel player content to this game doesn’t exist. Many of us have played thousands of hours on the same map. The content updates are great. But its still the same old map for a game that is a kind of survival “death match” game. The map was old after all the time in early access. Nothing in this game ever gets boring but the map. The single map will make people leave. Make a big downloadable map that can be apple to a server as an alternative to the existing one. I personaly would pay allot for new “downloadable content map”. I love this game but after all these hours the repetitiveness of the existing map is the only thing that makes me lose intrest in this game.


No one else in the community agrees with me on this?

I’d rather see more biomes, to be honest, and an update to the core server software so that each server can handle more players.


It also wouldn’t be terribly difficult to upgrade the map room, so that it gives you access to more obelisks in that new biome. They could even make it a DLC, where you get a new biome and some new building kits.

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Rather biomes than new map


I am with you. If we can’t have new biomes on the same map (Funcom excluded this already) or at least an expansion of the map they should develop new maps. This will be an important point for longtime motivation.

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I think you just contradicted yourself

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Isnt the map big enough? A server could pick a diffrent map for each wipe.

More area would result in less encounters with players. I don’t think a bigger map would be good for such few players. Many servers strugle to keep population up. No more maps please

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I pvp. Im not playing this game alone on my own machine. And I cant imagine anyone would play a pve server for long. Too few that roleplayers i imagine. Do i really have to write all this? Its a pvp game.

Are you having a stroke mate?

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Why are you being toxic? What have I ever done to you?

They can’t really add more maps otherwise the main premise of the game you being a prisoner trapped in the Exiles lands doesn’t work since there’s only one Exiles land in Conan expanding the map is really the only thing they can do if they did add more maps thay have to create a whole new storyline to explain why you’re there as it is they need to add more story line to the current map diverting their attention to another map to make new story line would almost completely stop they’re already slow Improvement progress on this map

I’ve actually got a very long list of things we would like to see on a new map for Conan exiles since they will not be expanding the exiled lands.

Here is the link. Feel free to add your stuff to it i’m trying compile all the information into two wish lists one for a map and one for new mechanics. If you want the mechanics link let me know and ill drop it down.

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