Conan Exiles Debauchery DLC not working after purchase and install

I recently purchased the Debauchery DLC pack on steam for PC and had it installed to my computer. When I tried to click on the pack items, it still showed them as redded out. I have already selected all the required things needed to activate the DLC items but they stay red and will not allow me to activate them. I have both restarted Steam as well as verified the game files to no avail. I have also looked into my game files and found the DLC files there. They seem to just not work. Do I need to only use them on a un-modded and clean installed version of the game to make them work? This would make the purchase of them at this time simply unacceptable for my current game play. Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem and found a solution. For the present time I am playing the AOC mod including a few other mods to add to the mix. I do have other people on the same server that are having no troubles with their DLC packs in gameplay.

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Do you see a green arrow on them or just red? If just red, it means that you are missing the requirements to unlock them (level, required feats, etc). Like you need T3 building feat to unlock DLC buildings, etc. You don’t get them automatically unlocked after the purchase.

No, you can purchase and use them at any point and on any server. They are already in your game but locked until you purchase the DLC.

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DLC Purchased- Check, Green checkmark on install- check, teir 3 building requirements in feats selected and reached - check, DLC available - Nope!

The Debauchery dlc doesn’t contain T3 building pieces like the other packs, it does however contain a collection of placable decorative bar items, weapons, armors, new emotes, some decorative clothing and 1 round foundation piece which is the only true building piece in this dlc :slight_smile: