Conan Exiles Freezing / Hard Crash



A little update and two possible things that might help:
I played almost the whole day on Sunday and half the day yesterday (the addiction is real, but it’s quality time since my wife plays as well, right? Right?) without any freeze and hard reset.

Only my system drive is an ssd and Conan is installed on a normal HD. I noticed though that the ssd was pretty full and cleaned it up. it’s about 35GB free space now. Also freed some space on the disc Conan is installed on.

I also changed Conan Exiles from borderless window mode to real fullscreen mode.

If this wasn’t a strange coincidence I went from about 1 freeze plus hard reset per hour to zero for two days with a lot of play time.

Hope that helps.


Dear Funcom
I DEMAND admin access to pvp EU server 2100 official, so I can give myself back all the damn items I had on me before crashing, dying and losing all of that hard work and time that went into getting it. That’s no fair and total BS to lose all my crap through zero fault of my own!!!