Conan exiles from Ps4 is unplayable

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [All]

The console version of the game needs an update to fix bugs urgently, the PvP game mode has become completely toxic and unfair, as all players are being forced to use glitchs like this to buff the minions and mascots and make them kill with a hit, otherwise they will be at a disadvantage. If possible, should release an individual patch for the consoles, correcting at least this glitch that is breaking the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. put some food that gives the minion strength buff
    2.remove and put another one that also gives
    3.when the buffs run out, repeat the steps that the previous buffs will continue even if they do not appear

This was posted a week ago, have you had any response from the devs if this is getting fixed?

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It’ll probably be in the 2.3 patch mentioned in the Xbox producer letter (the letter states that consoles, meaning both Xbox and Ps4, will receive parity patches with PC sometime after PCs 2.3 goes live).


Ps5 is not available in the market yet, only pre orders and anticipation. Sony has great delays. So it is OK not to have the siptah before I get my ps5 :wink:. Ps4 is already has great performance issues and it sounds like a helicopter. I believe that we must wait until May for 2.3. Still if possible some fixes to be done it would be great, not necessarily big but some :wink:.

Not yet

In this video I made for a report it clearly shows the problem:

Funcom is not support console version. you have to find your own solution.

‘Toxic’ and ‘unfair’ doesn’t equal ‘unplayable’. If you can’t talk to your opponents, then it may seem unplayable. You see, right now on the official server it may seem unfair because there hasn’t been a patch to make it more fair. You either work with the bugs or don’t play with toxic players.

unplayable because there is no way to earn a pvp against sabretooth and archers that kill you with one hit, on any server that enters