Has Funcom given up on the Playstation version? Too many bugs to note

Platform: =PlayStation 5=
Issue Type: =Graphics= =disconnects=
Game Mode: =ONLINE=
Server Type: PvE/PvP
Map: =Exiles=
Server Name: =All public=

Since the Chapter 3 release, the PS5 experience is shocking. The QoL patch pre Chapter 3 fixed so many issues and I was so grateful for that. However, Chapter 3 pretty much undid all of them. We’re approaching 2 months since release, every time I play, I experience:

  1. Frequent game crashes. While numerous actions cause it, I especially notice it if I am running and try to access a bench, chest or personal inventory. Also noticed it coming through teleports. Crashes about 1 in 5 times. Game will without fail crash at least six times in an hour long session. This is utterly unacceptable. I have sent dozens and dozens of crash reports to Sony.

  2. Server disconnects frequently happen. Usually at least once in a hour long session.

  3. Terrain render issues. Terrain frequently loses all detail and switches between blurred and detailed. Conan Exiles - Terrain Render Issues - PS5 5/6/2023 - YouTube

  4. Item and skin render issues. Items frequently lose detail and struggle to fully render. Conan Exiles - Skin Render Issues - PS5 5/6/2023 - YouTube

  5. Armor render details in the bazaar. No details show in the bazaar for armor. This is consistent every time I access the bazaar, assuming it doesn’t crash. Which leads me to…

  6. Bazaar/Battlepass/Challenges. Game frequently crashes when accessing any of these screens.

  7. Sound delays. Sound frequently fails to synch up with combat actions.

  8. Chest contents consistently change views when opening.

  9. Random decay timers on items inside your base.

  10. Game crashes in dungeons. If too many NPC’s shows up, game crashes. Which is especially delightful in Warmakers. I’m to the point where I’ve stopped running dungeons as 9 times out of 10 they crash.

Playing a two hour session, I will experience most, if not all of these issues. The stability is awful at the moment, and judging by the absolute silence since March 14th, it’s increasingly looking like Funcom has abandoned the PS version. Are any of these fixes on their radar?


The sky textures and distant land textures were pretty bad on the ps4. Finally, someone restored it, and got rid of the fog covering it up. Now, it’s pretty clear without any pastels.

They looked great after the QoL patch on PS5. Then Chapter 3 brought all the graphic issues back. The sky rendering/white out fix has been stable for over a year, so there is at least that. But overall game stability has never been this bad and I’ve played since almost day one.


The game has never looked as good as it did pre 3.0 and sorcery.

Stop complaining and consume product

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Welcome to Conan Delirium!!!

Funcom has actually been updating the game more than they used to. They used to only update the game every 3 months or so when the dlc would come out. The admin panel was broken for 3 months and admin couldn’t spawn in any thralls and I was an admin during that time and it totally broke the admin shop.

It’s really bad currently with the disconnects right now, especially during a purge. You can get purged, then you disconnect, then you can’t log in to defend your base until the purge is over. I removed and reduced my build at the mounds of the dead as I had a purge there and got disconnected during the first wave, logged in and 10 of my 12 berserkers defending were dead. Next wave came and I disconnect again and couldn’t log back in. After that I decided to move down toward noob river where purges are easier.

I had a Rocknose purge recently. Rockslide shows up, I disconnect and log back in only to disconnect again immediatly. I log back in, drag a thrall over to Rockslide, disconnect, log ack in dead at my base in another location, summon corpse, go back, disconnect again, and after that I kept getting disconnected over and over instantly. Lost 8 fully geared berserkers. I couldn’t even retrieve their gear as it had despawned by the time the purge was over and I could log back in.

Apart from the disconnecting, everything else is kinda the same. Thralls don’t seem to get stuck under the red mother now but many bugs still persist in the 4 years I have been playing Conan and the more bugs are added more bugs will remain lol.

I’ll play for a bit until I’ve had enough frustration putting up with the bugs and then take a break for a few months. After I got the first battle pass, I also won’t pay for another one or buy anything from the bazaar as the cost is just too much for what little you get. (Any new people reading this, previous dlc’s are much more worth it than battle pass or bazaar items, especially if they are on sale.)

In 4 years I have been playing though, Funcom seems to pay more attention to pc and not as much for consoles. It’s just something we have to endure to play this game. I’ve always thought if this game was running smooth on consoles it would be unstoppable! New players get run off pretty quick then they disconnect and die, and just wait till a new player gets a purge and can’t log in, they will just go somewhere else and never give Funcom a second chance. Making a game is hard though. I would think if Funcom could fix the problems Conan they would have fixed them already but because so many problems still persist even after 4 years, Funcom just may not have any idea how to fix them. I just really hope the Dune mmo they are working on isn’t treated the same way. I enjoy Dune more than Star Wars and that’s sayin’ a lot. I would be very sad if they eff it up :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been here since about three months after launch. I’ve purchased all DLC and spent a fair bit of money in the bazaar. But Chapter 3 has really turned me off. Graphic bugs I can deal with. Disconnects are a whole other issue as it affects the game. You lose equipment and thralls through no fault of your own.

We need another QoL update bad. But their silence speaks volumes. And you’re right, it does feel like they only care about PC. Which is fine if they want that to be their focus, but let console players know so we can give up waiting.


I was just about to write a complaint myself, but reading this, you couldn’t have formulated it better mate. Thank you.

@funcom, please guys, just fix this (in potential great) game instead of celebrating 5 years of mediocracy… :man_shrugging:t2: :man_facepalming:t2: (or is this already insulting enough for this message to be deleted without warning or for me to get banned…)


funcom does not, and never will, care about the quality of online play on the Playstation. I know this because since when the game came out for free on PS Plus in 2019 (or 2018) it has never been good. And it’s not now that it’s going to pay. I stopped playing because of this about 2 years ago and now I downloaded it again to see what the situation is and there is nothing new: the game continues with lag and disconnections, in addition to several new bugs and others already known and reported without any correction or response from funcom. They do not care.


Their silence on this speaks volumes.


Their silence means they’re busy working on it…

That funny because I have the exact opposite opinion as I was one of those freebies back in 2019 and have seen a steady and obvious trend to attend to us, ps players. I think we sort of overwhelmed them back on the day and porting isn’t as easy unless you are experienced. I have seen a growth in understanding this since 2019.

However I believe PS4 hardware is maxed out as far as what it can handle with this game. What worries me is that the PS5 is starting to strain and that’s definitely not good since this is the new system.

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The old ps4 is maxed out. The ps4+pro+ssd is a step away from ps5.

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The PS5 is well capable of running games MUCH MUCH MORE taxing than conan.
2070ti with 16GB RAM. Also worse shittier PCs run this game better.
It’s on Funcom not on the hardware.

The game does NOT have a PS5 version… the PS5 runs the PS4 version the way it is instructed to (lock at 60fps etc etc)