It's time for Funcom to stop selling/supporting the Playstation version

You can’t in all good conscience, continue to sell a game that is unable to run in its current state. The overall Playstation experience is buggy at best, sometimes unplayable at worst. I have a PS5 and my wife has a PS4 and the issues are the same. Other than load times (which is handy after frequent crashing) there is ZERO benefit to the PS5.

Continued and ignored issues include:

Persistent crashing.

I am no longer able to play without the game crashing at some point. Loading in through portal crashes the game. If I access inventory running it crashes the game. Large bases crash the game. Medium size bases crash the game. Too many NPC’s at once crash the game. Purges crash the game. Carrying treasure through portals crashes the game and you lose the treasure.

Conan Exiles Age of War - Broken Treasure- PS5 8/1/2023 - YouTube

Conan Exiles Age of War - Broken Treasure- PS5 8/1/2023 - YouTube

** Unresolved graphical issues**

Perpetual skin and rendering issues. Terrain turns black, loses details, blurs. It’s worse around bases, but is present everywhere in game. Textures simply won’t lock. Void Forge Armor is the worst for wearables. It turns black when you look away from it. Terrain bleeds and swells, and honestly looks ridiculous.

Conan Exiles Age of War - Terrain Issues - PS5 8/8/2023 - YouTube

Conan Exiles Age of War - Invisible Festive Crested Lapdog - PS5 7/16/2023 - YouTube

Conan Exiles Age of War - Terrain and Skin Render Issues “Melting Walls” - PS5 7/13/2023 - YouTube

Conan Exiles - Skin Render Issues - PS5 5/6/2023 - YouTube


How will the system handle Chapter 2 of Age of War? Chapter 1 is unable to handle purges as they currently stand. The terrain fails. Thralls and players rubber band and disappear. The last six purges I’ve had, only one time has both of my clan members been able to log in and participate. We’re booted frequently and unable to rejoin.

I am excited for the potential of Chapter 2, but I have ZERO reason to believe the PS can handle the increase in graphics. It just can’t.

Most of what you seem to care about on social media is the PC mod community. I think the PS community deserves to know if you intend to address any of these issues or if you’re just dangling a carrot. I’ve been playing for five years, and every chapter breaks more and fixes less. Almost to the point where it feels like you simply don’t test it first.

Funcom, where does the Playstation community stand as far as this game goes?


Four more treasure runs. Four more crashes. I get to keep 1 in 3 treasures i find now as the game crashes as i load in and i lose it. I have two cats and two chests just sitting on the ground that i can delete move or pickup.

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Another day another four treasures lost.

PS5 lacks the visual upgrade that the Series X/S received in 2021, hence the terrible terrain and character texture issues. Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 all suffer from it. Series X/S doesn’t (though, the invisible creatures currently affects it). So no, PS5 support shouldn’t be ended, it just needs the same treatment the Series X/S received.

Hello, I’ve just read your post i agree, i play on a PS4 Pro with a 4TB External HDD and my game use to lag like crazy when j had it installed on my External, i reinstalled the game onto my internal and it has seemed to have fixed the lagging the problem, I’m having problems with the textures at the minute with them going black, it only seems to be my oets and decorations what go black, the terrain goes blobbly/blotchy so i give it a few seconds to load in, it only happens when I’m at my base but other than that i don’t have problems with the lagging anymore, i turned motion blur on, turned off Journey Steps, Contextual Controls, turned off other settings to try inprove graphic performane and it has seemed to work, it crashes like once but it has definitely an inprovement from having it on my 4TB, i also gave my Pro a good service the other day, made sure there was no dust build up in the fan or heat sink and i also applied some new MX-6 Thermal Paste to the GPU/CPU, my PS4 is as queit as a mouse, i just hope they fix the issues on PlayStation Consoles, i enjoy playing it when i don’t run into any problems…

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I mean, the game does run in its current state. Especially if you’ve been able to get the Purge so many times since the update. I’m assuming you’ve gotten the Purge 6 times since the update based on what you wrote. Unless you are referring to Purges that came before this AoW update (when “Lost Connection” issue was prevalent) if your clan mates still can’t get in, well that’s a new issue I haven’t heard of since this update and I’m sorry you guys are going through that.

I’m a solo player and I’ve had 5 Purges since this update. Not a single one has kicked me. Does the game sometimes struggle to load certain graphics while the purge is going? Yeh, sometimes things don’t run as smooth; but the purges are certainly not broken. They 100% were during the last age with the “Lost Connection” issue, but that was fixed and is not a problem at all anymore. Again, I can’t speak to other peoples issues, but I have what many would call a large base, and the Purge works just fine for me!

I do crash as well sometimes when trying to access a chest or the menu, it’s normally after I’ve left my base and come back to it after a little while. While it is annoying, I just quit and rejoin. I believe it has to do with the size of my base and the amount of things I have in different chests. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is your issue as well.

The rendering is also a bit annoying at times, but I find the game looks amazing most of the time, again, this seems like a minor issue, not game-breaking, and generally only happens when you are close to a large base.

Lastly, if you are having issues with treasures not being able to go through portals, try it without the portal! I understand they are supposed to work through portals, but if they don’t, stop subjecting yourself to the same thing over and over. I’ve never built a portal and get treasures back using a map room, but normally just by walking, and I’ve amassed quite the collection!

I understand this is your personal experience, so all I can do is share my own personal experience with the current state of the game. It would be a huge mistake for Funcom to stop supporting the PS version of Conan, and while I understand your main purpose in writing this is most likely for them to actually fix the game, the idea that they should stop selling/supporting this game seems like a selfish suggestion on your part.


To address some of your points.

  1. Treasure portals. I’ve intentionally built away from obs as they attract the most attention and are usually cluttered with other bases. To walk to my base from the ob is not possible as you have to climb and you can’t climb with treasures. So I need the portals. The whole point of this chapter is to fill your coffers.

  2. Base size. Ive been playing five years and two months ago tore my entire base down as the crashing was ridiculous. It’s now 4000 blocks with 500 items. This is tiny in comparison to other bases. All my benches are turned off. I do not use torches or fire. None of my benches have thralls on them to limit animations. And every surface in my base has graphical issues. Did you see any of the videos i posted? The terrain issues, the texture issues, the crash issues. All documented. My last four purges have been berserker purges and the game glitches because of the 15 or so thralls. How is it supposed to habdle sieges? Fact is it can’t.

There are parts of my map i cant visit because two clans have built so large I crash. Everyone on my server crashes in the same spot. Every time. I’ve put in tickets but nothing comes from it. The lakes north side of Sepemaru cant be accessed because if these clans.

The game has far too many bugs especially graphical ones for a game that has been out for over five years. New chapters aren’t addressing issues and are simply adding more problems. The QoL patch earlier this yearvwas fantastic and addressed so many issues. And most of those issues returned in chapter 3 and AoW chapter 1.

The bazaar is frequently down which means anything I’ve purchased is unusable. And I have bought plenty. Probably about the $500 mark since last September. I have supported this game financially. I have bought overpriced items to keep the game afloat. At least once a week Funcom live services are down for two to four hours.

So yes, Funcom is not sufficiently supporting a game they still charge full price for. If i just bought this game I would be a tad upset. So, selfish? Hardly.

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Fair enough, but no one told you to make your base inaccessible without climbing, you chose to do that. I am nowhere close to the obelisk or where the chests spawn, but I still walk all the way. I agree, the portals should work; and from what I’ve seen and heard, they normally do. I think this may have to do with the location of your base and the amount of treasure in a small space (I could be 100% wrong).

I watched all of your videos, I get those issues as well, but most of the time they aren’t there or as severe. It does appear it’s because of where your base is built in my opinion. You are in the crevice? Sorry if that’s not where it is. With the amount of treasure and the fact you are basically in a cave, this terrain issue is clearly going to hit you harder than most other players. I must admit, I’ve never encountered issues quite as bad as you posted in the “Terrain Issues” video outside your base, but I am occasionally able to see under the map as well from certain angles. Your purges are probably struggling because they have no walk-able path to your base, I don’t know the full details, but if they can’t walk there, the Purge will sometimes do weird things. I just had the Berserker purge two weeks ago and they simply walked towards my base and rushed up my stairs and got knocked out by my waiting thralls.

There are also two bases on my server that kick me every single time. It sucks, but they aren’t close to villages so I just avoid them. It sucks that people have blocked off North of Sepermeru, but that’s what we get for playing on officials, the good, the bad and the ugly! Sometimes reporting works, other times it doesn’t.

If you log in and your bazaar is down or you can’t craft those items, all you do is log out and back in. This happens to me 1/4 of the time I log in. It is annoying, but logging back in takes very little time. Again, I wish this wasn’t the case, but it just doesn’t seem game-breaking to me.

Funcom live services are down 2-4 hours a week for you? As in you can’t even get into the game or your server is down 2-4 hours a week? I am logged in to the game far more than I should be, but I just leave it on in the background. My server almost never goes down (once every two weeks) and when it does, it’s for 10-30 minutes. As far as actually connecting to Funcom Live Services before the server screen, that’s an issue I never have and it seems that’s more common on the PC, sorry if you are experience that issue frequently.

The game definitely has a lot of small bugs, and I trust when Chapter 2 comes out they’ll have fixed some of them. I guess my point is that while the bugs suck, they don’t make this game unplayable. While I would love for them to fix the bugs and address those issues, that isn’t really what your post is about. You want them to stop selling and supporting the game on PS and I simply don’t agree with that idea. I do support the idea of them trying to fix these issues though :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry for calling you selfish, I understand you just want this game to work as intended.

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