Conan Exiles - In Virtual Reality (VR) - Your Experiences?

Recently @Cattibria dropped some stereoscopics on us in the “Share Your Shelter” thread - Here, here, and here which I could kind of panoramize for people without headsets. She used Ansel - ALT+F2 if you have Nvidia Experience installed - but I was wondering what else headset owners have tried with Conan Exiles.

  • Successes?
  • Failures?
  • Applications?
  • Links?

Also, I’m kind of wondering how popular this is or was?

  • I own a headset but haven’t tried Conan Exiles in VR
  • I’ve messed around a little with Conan Exiles in VR
  • I don’t own or have access to a VR headset

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What have been your experiences?


All I’ve done so far is take some stereo 360 photos and load them up on the headset. It worked fine, though for some reason the headset wouldn’t recognize 8K images, and 4K is a bit on the low side for stereo 360, so the quality was only okay-ish.

It was kinda cool to look around inside the world, though obviously a static photo is not nearly as cool as a live image. I have an Oculus Quest 2, and there’s no way to have a live feed of the game on there (that I know of).

It can be done though…

Might be interesting for base walk-throughs or sharing your fear of giant monster spiders! :smiley:

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And then there’s VorpX of course.

I haven’t tried it though. :wink:

The reason I am afraid to use them is because if I will, probably I will never remove them :rofl::rofl::rofl:. It must be a fantastic experience!

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I sincerely doubt that. The interactions are not built for VR. Converting from one control scheme to another is not simple, especially one as radically different as VR. One thing is getting it working on a technical level - probably doable. Getting it to play well (acceptable frame rate) - difficult, but ultimately a question of hardware. Having it play nicely, be a good experience though? Not at all easy.

Don’t get me wrong if it DID work, and work well I am sure you’re right: it would be fantastic. I just find it exceedingly unlikely that it would work well.

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Remove my vote don’t own a vr headset misunderstood as headset many people I run into on PS4 don’t have or say they don’t. As far VR our first ps1 game was Doom as we have gotten older first person games are difficult to play do to see sickness type of results. Don’t want to puke. Lag at our base cause her problems time to leave base. Sorry for getting beyond subject. Just thought it should be mentioned. @nitecat

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You can remove it yourself. Just click on Show Vote and then make the change.

Yeah, not many titles built for controller or mouse and keyboard work well in VR unmodified! Nor do the game designs for that matter. IMO if FC were to tackle CE in VR they would need to restructure a lot of the game. Most of the components are there like Admin style teleportation around from location to location and loading into environments like vaults or the silver mine for mini-game-like segmented play. The good news is they could remove most of the map and actually get decent lag-free performance at 4kPE or more.

Putting the full CE experience into a headset PCVR or local using something like VorpX might be interesting in some instances for some things at some settings but you’re probably right in doubting it would be a “fantastic experience”.

That said Cyberpunk 2077 is indeed a fantastic experience - on a 3090ti or better. :slight_smile:

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Tried doesn’t seem to let me.

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