Playing Conan Exiles on Nvidia Shield TV :)

Yes I am not kidding you, I discovered that I could play Conan Exiles on our Nvidia Shield TV(Small media box connected to TV) through Geforce Now :hugs:

Long story short…
My brand new super gaming computer with I9 9900K & RTX 2080 TI got a graphics problem, the graphics started showing signs of dying after a few weeks, constant freezings, restarting the computer, graphical artifacts looking like space invaders all over the screen and finally stopped working completely yesterday and can no longer play any game.
This didn’t come as a surprise to me after reading the massive posts on the internet about the RTX 2080 TI cards dying for a lot of buyers, but I was more concerned about keeping my stuff on official pve server from decaying while it has to be sent back and repaired, so I began to examine my options to play just once in a while until I get my computer back and found out that Geforce now has Steam games in their library, and among them Conan Exiles.

So I connected a mouse and a keyboard to the Shield TV, launched Conan Exiles, logged into the server I am playing on, and BAM…
I was met with the most crisp looking Conan Exiles game I have ever seen, no blurry mess that I have gotten used to on my High-End Asus Rog Strix gaming monitor.
We have a LG 4K Oled TV, so I tried cranking everything on Ultra and switching the resolution from 1080p to 4K and once again I was surprised, The game was looking ultra sharp although with a little lag which could be because of our internet connection speed and the mouse pointer seems to be a bit off for some reason, I had to click a bit above and to the right in order for it to actually select what I wanted.

I decided to test it further out on 1080p which still looks a hell lot better than my expensive gaming system, everything seems to work really well, my biggest problem is a bit of mouse lag, but I think this is because I am using a cheap wireless keyboard & Mouse combo, everything else seems to work very well with no noticeable delay even though it has to pass between my house, Geforce Now server, Conan exiles official server.

All in all this seems like a very good solution while my pc is away for repairs, perhaps someone can use this as a cheap workaround if they cannot afford an expensive gaming pc, although I would recommend wired network and a good internet speed :slight_smile:


As long as the game is develop for console it will run on shield. That is annoying for PC users the laziness of developers this days. Before we had a game for PC where GPU is more powerful and has more RAM and a game for console now they build the game to work for console and they port it to PC. Much cheep to do it this way :slight_smile: and who the F cares about PC gamer`s . That is one of the main reason the quality in PC gaming is very low world wide.
All games who are ported from console to pc they have clunky movement multi purposes button and the well of death. (btw developers when you buy a PC it comes with a keyboard with at list 105 key we do NOT need we do not want well of death and multi purposes button)

Interesting. Unfortunately, Geforce Now is still in (closed) beta, at least in my region.

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i curios how they will sort out the delay… …

It’s not like the media box Nvidia Shield TV itself handles the game, but rather acts as a communication and presentation unit, the games are hosted on powerful servers with high end cpu’s and graphics cards - It is still the pc version of games you play on it, so any pc game no matter how high requirements it has can be played using Gforce Now on such a device :slight_smile:

There will be some delays, but unless you play fast paced games, you won’t really feel the delay that much, I hardly notice any playing Conan Exiles, off course it also depends on how close you are to the servers + your internet speed, but I do see a future for this because it may bring demanding pc games to people with only such a device or a pc that isn’t capable of playing such games or any other device like a tablet or phone. :slight_smile:

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