Dont buy a Indivia video card, it does not work with CE

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Here]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. spent 12 hours with customer service from Microsoft & Invidia. Funcom would not respond, neither would Unreal Engine folks.
  2. installed every driver set going back a year and a half.
  3. Reformatted my hard drive twice
  4. missed a day of work

The elephant in the closet.
Why has no one mentioned that Invidia messed up their drivers over a year ago.
Conan Exiles WILL NOT WORK, with any of the 10 series video cards.

Now I have a PC with a brand new video card, and Conan Exiles will not load.
I tired every work around, in every forum, for every game (yup not just Conan).

This PC is powered by a 970, so it works. Silly me was going to upgrade it too.

So when you upgrade and get this message: "unreal engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost (error: ox887a0006 - “hung”

You are hung out to dry

Lots of us run the game fine with Nvidia cards, in fact, I bet most players are using them.

So I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that they “WILL NOT WORK”.


Running a gtx 1080.
Smooth as butter

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Btw its Nvidia.

Using a 1080 ti and have no problems running the game on that card.
I know i read that there might be problems with overclocked cards even factory overclocked so might want to look into that.

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Asus nvidia gtx790 here. Without overclocking it works fine.

Got only 1 critical error SINCE LAUNCH. playing a lot (over 400h).

So your problem must come somewhere else. maybe that particular card is broken?

PMSL at this, phrase totally wrong, just as your spelling of Nvidia, unless of course, you have some kind of Chinese or Indian clone card made by a firm called Indivia?!?!? who knows these days.

Lets assume you meant to type Nvidia, in which case, I’m using the same card, a GTX 970. This card is on a par with the 1060 and works just fine.

If you’ve done as you say, reinstalled Windows, loaded all the latest drivers, the game should work just fine. I suspect you have a faulty card or something else broken in your machine.

You need to do some more testing, run a benchmark tool to put a load on the card and ram. Start with this, let us know the results and then me and others can help you out some more.

Best wished intended.

Doesn’t it heat up like a small toaster? :slight_smile: My GTX 970 is pushed to the max at times

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Since launch no. in EA there was some heating issues on ultra setting.

BTW if you turn of shadows (or make 'em low) and maybe a bit tone down post processing you can even achieve 50+ FPS on most places. :smiley: without ANY heat issue.

Oh OH I just see that’s 970 so you should be having good framerates anyway :smiley:
But yeah try lowering post proc, and maybe shadows they are the most costly things (along with render distance but… I wouldn’t chop that one down at all)



Endivia, very healthy vegetal!


Maybe he just bought something from here, the Invidia Exhaust Systems company, and it was on his mind.

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Hmm, have GTX1050Ti, works fine! at low details but works fine.

I remember when I bought a just released Nvidia gtx 470, was testing it with mate (playing Two Worlds …xD) and by then the graphics looked amazing, so I was joking with him every time saying “envidia!!” which is jealousy in my mothertongue, xDD

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GTX 1060 here, works fine.

Is your GPU overclocked? Funcom listed crashing due to overclocked GPU’s as a known issue on launch.

ive been having alot of trouble with mine for the last 2 days the stuttering has gottne really bad. which is strange becuase it only started in the last 2 days, and ive been playing since 2 days before release.

Or… maybe you have an AMD processor, and should check the sticky on fixes around that?

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I am using a 970m in this one, and a GT730 in hers. The failure is with the 1050ti only, and if has to do with what combo of operating system and driver packet.
I have the wrong ones. Nvidia has none for me. They told me so.
Oh yeah I did say I was up for 12 hours dealing with this.
But right now my wife has heart failure, and she isnt using her PC.
When she does, its back to the GT730, which is embarrassing.

We’re running it fine on a 1070 and a 970.
My only problem is that my 970 won’t update past 379.something so I keep getting the message that I’m below recommended driver 386.something.
Still runs fine though.

Ryzen 5 1600. 16gb RAM with GTX1060 6gb (updated to recent drivers May 2018) and working flawless (50-60fps constant).

Win10 x64 just had a big update that did all sorts or crap to reset a lot of things to ‘Windows 10 Defaults’ but only wants to ‘Pop Out’ to desktop when notifications appear…even turning them off does not always fix the notification bar popping out of game…does this in ALL games though.

AO from postprecessing will free like 10% at most, other postprocessing effects do not have any impact on performance or it is negligible. Unless you tweak AO in ini files, the only preset without AO is in low.
Dropping effects to medium will probably have higher performance gains then reducing postprocessing to low (there is no difference between med-ultra).

On my GPU, when I disable shadows, from low shadows to disabled gives me up to 30% boost, med+ to no shadows up to 50%.

View distance most of the time does not have big impacts, you will might see some differences in some heavy areas like mounds or pirate ship.

Foliage quality can impact performance in some areas, but it is unclear if it is foliage itself or areas. At this moment, I can’t test properly, because after consoles optimizations, game performance is much worse, while giving us reduced quality on top of it, especially static shadows, even on ultra.