Conan exiles is hard

Hello Everyone
Conan exiles is hard to grab the concept, is there a area for new players to play and learn?

My name is brock

this game has a very… “do it yourself” style of learning involved with very little given to you… i’m 500 hours in and I keep discovering things I didn’t know. my advice would be to find a small clan who are willing to teach you… also youtube is your friend!
good luck exile!

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Google everything lol. Download the conan exiles app. its only useful for the resource map though as they wont update it. Youtube is ur friend. Participate in ur religion. If u can find a clan to work woth and teach u that would be ur optimal choice.

Hi Brock, welcome aboard. Conan doesn’t give any tutorials or directions on what to do. It’s completely open world so you get to do what you want in it. Start out by making yourself a small safe shelter, get some food & keep your water full. Then head out, explore, die a lot, build bigger, get stronger and kill more than you get killed. Follow the journey steps, they are hints and very helpful.

You don’t have to clan with other people to have a great time. There are lots of servers with lots of good people on them who are willing to help. Just ask in game chat or on the forums and you should get some good advice.

It may seem daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. Enjoy!

That is the most enjoyable thing in this game! @Mumra gave you good advises. It is a barbarian world. You need other people to learn from them and survive.

Just wanted to mention that being ’ open world ’ doesn’t necessarily mean a game has to be devoid of any in-game instructions. It can be made with or without them and the level of overall tutoring varies from installment to another. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just clearing your point a bit @Mumra, to hopefully negate any possible misunderstandings. :+1:t2:

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Hi @Brockisit, yes the game is not easy to learn.

I discover new things even now after more than an year of play. It’s something I love of this game.

But if you want my suggestion is to do the same thing I did when I was noob: study the gamepedia :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a game rewarding patience in my opinion :wink:

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I will second @Born2bAlive the game wiki is a great help and as everyone else is saying sticking with the game is going to pay off. i’ve been at it since it came to Xbox and i still play with my tablet open to refer back to the wiki for the whats and hows. i know that an open world survival game is not everyone’s cup of tea but i love it.

i prefer playing offline solo and Conan Exiles can be a good fighting game when in the mood to blow off steam or just build and design when i’m looking to relax. my favorite part of the game might be just running around the map. i really think there is something for everyone

the journey step are sort of a guideline for new players, but it don’t negate what other had say here^^
If you feel stuck or in need for help you can always post in the player helping player section aswell.

Conan Exiles is an open world sandbox survival game, one of the ways to play survival games is to put yourself in the place of your character, food, water, shelter, roleplay I think the term is. Follow the Journey Steps, they will not only teach you the basics but will also give you objectives to aim for, you can ask other folk for help but I can assure you that putting yourself in the place of your character and finding things out for yourself can be a most rewarding feeling.

All the best exile.


if your having abit of issues figuring stuff out.

If your offline/solo you can knock hunger and thirst from 1.0 to .33 or .5 to buy yourself time figure it out.

Journal itself has some “helpful” text from time to time. Or gives clues on what to do.

Beyond that, Youtube got plenty of tip and starter tips to get you going, and leaving rest up to you.

Before you do anything else, make yourself familiar with the decay system, and the Purge system. Those two have the largest potential to catch a new player unaware (decay especially).


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