My game experience. First day :))

Hello. I like the idea and implementation of the game. Which turns me off. I played a difficult level. In the world of the game there are opponents with vastly superior forces. However, there is no way for my heroes to level up or upgrade their equipment. There is a limited amount of trash lying around, everything is expensive in the store, killed enemies do not appear again. Trash on the map does not appear again … Impenetrable. :smirk:


Welcome exile. English is not my native language, so I have a great difficulty to get your point.
So let’s start from the beginning.
You decided to start the game by playing single player barbaric mode?
So now the npcs do not respawn easy and you cannot find loot in the ground?

If I understand correctly then I can only suggest you these.
Conan exiles is a really big game, really difficult game to start it barbaric mode. The knowledge is so big that even a very experienced player in this game will find really hard times to play barbaric mode, so I suggest you not to start this way, start decadent for a very balanced experience.
Second, the loot on the ground is only to help you fix stone tools. Since you fix stone tools the map is full of stones, trees, bushes iron ores etc… So you can fix a small base, house, you name it, place some working benches, capture thralls, pets, workers and start creating your small dominance in the game.
After you will have ensured the dominance of your area, have upgraded tools weapons and thralls, start discovering the map piece by piece.
This is not fortnite, Conan exiles is a really big and rare game and it demands brains and devotion. The reason underage players cannot play this game is more than nudity. This is a game for hard core players. If you are ready to spend at least some hundred hours in a game welcome to Conan exiles, this is your game. If you want to finish the game in a week, you are wasting time, for a new player this is impossible.


Hi @XB69R and welcome to the community! Conan Exiles is a game which can have a steep learning curve for beginners, as I found out myself back when I first started. But we as a community are going to be here to advise you and to help you find your feet.

First some basic questions: which platform do you play on? What mode are you playing? For example are you playing PvP, PvE, Singleplayer mode, and are you on an official or private server? And do you know what difficulty you are playing on? And are you playing the Exiled Lands map, or the Isle of Siptah map?

There is XB69R. Your character will continue to level both passively, through combat and certain other actions such as Journey Steps as you go, up until you reach level 60.

Each time your character levels up, you will be granted additional Attribute points, which will enhance your characters prowess is one of 7 domains:

S trength
A gility
V itality
A ccuracy
G rit
E ncumberance
S urvival

We can show you where to access these Attributes, and good allocations for them if you would like.

Again XB69R there is. In addition to your attribute points, you will also be awarded Feat points each time you level up. When spent in the Feats menu, it will allow you to unlock new weapons, armor, crafting stations and decorations. And just as importantly, when you unlock the recipe for a certain weapon or armor, you also gain the expertise to repair it! That way you no longer need to scrounge around for replacement sets.

As with the attributes, we can show you where to access the menu, and some sound options to spend them on.


Hi @XB69R,

I just wanted to check, you know this is Conan forums and not 7 Days To Die, right? That description doesn’t seem to fit Conan. Like “Trash”… Is there trash at all in Conan, I didn’t think so? And “Store”… are there stores in Conan too, I didn’t think so anyway. There are some merchants later on but if you found them your first day what happened? You just ran into the map without a care of concern? Merchants are typically like third week discoveries if you’re playing everyday. Anyway just making sure you were in the right place.

If you are, Conan is supposed to be a survival game. I’ve always thought that meant that the first order of business is to use your immediate surroundings (near to your original spawn point) in order to find a way to survive. If you do that, then by the time you’re able to feed yourself well, dress in something other than grass, and find some nice iron weapons, you will be ready to venture inland a little ways - of course avoiding most other humans until that time. But if you just run butt-naked into the thick of it you’re not going to have a very pleasant experience. :smiley:

Oh my gosh!!! I never noticed that before… How cool!


As someone who has sunk an embarrassing (heroic?) amount of hours into this game, I am seriously wondering if you are on the right forum as well.

  1. There is no trash. If you mean loot, there is loot in chests, crates, on enemies, etc. Though this loot is typically just raw materials you would use to refine in crafting.
  2. It’s a survival/crafting game - you craft the majority of items in the game.
  3. Yes, you do progress as you play as mentioned above just like most RPG systems.
  4. There are no stores, and if you mean merchants - they are mostly there for ambience and only the hardest role players would probably use them seriously.

As stelagel mentioned, this game is massive and the learning curve is pretty large if a) You are a casual gamer and b) Have never played a survival/crafting game before.

If you are talking about Conan Exiles and you have questions, most people on the forum will help you. You can also watch some pretty helpful videos on YouTube from some creators like KiahOnFire, Wak4863 or FireSpark81.


Yeah it didnt sound like CE to me either.


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