Conan exiles never to be fixed

I do understand the benefit of it to not having to compute the complete world but it only gives a benefit when you are either on a low population server or in SP. When you have 30ish players scattered around on the server it would have no performance gain at all. The worst thing about it is that they have been programming around this issue which they have created themselves to keep certain stuff active.

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As a side effect, you are able to shot many things now with a bow without any retaliation on the victim’s part, if you shot from a far enough distance. Easy cake.

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I’ve noticed the Static World Syndrome as well, not a fan. And easily plucking out any mob over distance with no retaliation. But then there’s already always a cheesy way to kill almost any PvE mob in the game.

Personally I’d just say I wanted a lot more from the purge. Playing with friends (that don’t enjoy PvP like myself), we do enjoy the building, but the purge is no threat. Currently it’s bugged and we don’t even get it.

I also find the Purge mechanic silly in that the waves don’t just come, like every 5 minutes, despite if you kill the wave or not. You can just drag the mobs around, or kite em, for 30 mins. Or you have to hunt down 1 mob that gets lost on the way, or stuck, underwater, or just decides to chew on some other players hut 5 miles down the road.

The single defining feature of the game, (barring on a PvP server) that could offer challenge and fun, is mindlessly boring and broken. The standard official server purge level of 6 as well mostly just sends waves of animals. There is only specific spots to place purge bait to get humans, for the special thralls. And purge thralls be naked, why? Not in cool distinguishing outfits or anything? Just taller, naked dudes.

I’d love sorcery, mounts, archery updates, all that jazz as much as the next exile…but I dunno if me and my 4 friends will make it there with you all. We’ve destroyed more of our own stuff than any Purge. We’ve moved servers, watch them all die. Tried to create chats for the server, community, but without anything exciting, purges…they just putter out. Not even a dedicated server would fix it for me, the purge is mechanically broken. As far as PS4 goes there are no options of Mods either. Everything is a cakewalk. I itched for PvP when we started (as i said friends don’t enjoy though) but reading of the vaults, horrible imbalances, chinese, under-meshes, just…everything players will find and exploit I’m not sure that would of helped.

I enjoy the world, graphics, setting, building, all that. But ya, the purges and Thrall AI sucks yo. I waste time typing this leaving my character AFK online on the server cause when we’re offline the purge meter is decaying right now. Sorry if this is all seemingly negative, but I’m still playing because I do enjoy it more than what is out there, and F76 looks shiet to me to be honest, and I don’t want my friends to try and drag me to it.


Probably going to happen though @Threatlevel0, for me as well. Good discussion in here. Where’s the settlement system? Give us a reason to feed thralls, what’s their use? Unless T4 on crafting stations, not much.

That was my point, with thralls not beeing somewhat both reliable and useful during game, the most looked for are basically worstations named thralls which don’t need feeding or cares.Perhaps por pvp they make a difference, but in the end there is 1on1 more kind of thing.

All right, lets get a bit technical shall we?

Conan Exiles has a very big world with everything running on one server.
The world has 6000+ NPCs roaming the world, not counting player thralls and pets. Actually, probably even more by now.

The simple fact is that running NPC behavior on all of these NPCs all the time on such a big world is not something current hardware can handle with UE4.
And it only gets worse when you add in players and their dynamic content, such as buildings, placeables, thralls and pets.
We have however done a lot of trickery to counter this. And the performance we have today is leaps improved from the early days. We are also constantly working on improving this and have more optimization coming with one of the next patches.

The “static world” that you are describing is part of a system we call the AI LOD (Level of Detail) system. Which turns down the amount of CPU resources an actor (Placeable, building or NPC) receives based on their proximity to a player.
Outside of a certain range they go into a suspended mode where they are not given any CPU cycles, and basically go into a sleeping mode.
We do this because there is, in most cases, no point in having the actor run at full speed without a player nearby. And we have “catch up” methods in place where they are needed to make sure they account for the suspended time.

Example: A crafting station.
The crafting station needs to tick and update the progress of whatever is being crafted at real time when a player is standing nearby, so that you can see the progress bar move if you are inspecting it, or see the fire in your furnace turn off the moment the crafting is done.
If a player can not even see the crafting station, it can do this much slower or even not at all. When a player returns to the area and wakes it up, it needs to catch up on X amount of minutes of work. And when you inspect it, you will see the same result as if you had been standing there for those X minutes. (The reality is slightly different, we run a few ticks of crafting here and there even if the player is not around).


If an admin wants to have some “fun” and see what happens when nothing is allowed to be suspended, and all logic will run at full speed and all NPCs will start roaming around, you can attempt this command: ForceAILOD 0.

Could be a fun experiment for you to see what our optimizations have actually contributed on this front. You can turn it back on with ForceAILOD -1. It’s very possible that you will not be able to do so, so be prepared to restart your server. This shouldn’t influence anything on the server per se.

tldr; NPCs remaining fully awake when players aren’t nearby is not worth no one being able to play.
However as mentioned, there are still more performance improvements to be made and coming your way :slight_smile:


The AI itself is completly fine, if you play SP it works flawless IMo, but a good AI does not help if the perfomance o the servers is so poor that they do not move at all most of the time, server performance really is the issue, and as stated befor, coding optimization won´t do the job. Get rid of like 80% of the servers noone plays on anyways currently and buy servers which are five times as powerful instead, trust me those numbers are not overkill.

THAT could be correct on current (weak) Gportal old servers…

if you have a real dedicated machine, (no Virtual machines) and in a Descent PC. in terms of hardware., the problem you describe should not be there @Tascha

so one of the main problems IS the server hardware… not sure if each server (looks like a possibility) is actually running in a virtual machine, meaning that a physical server could be running several instances of the game. all sharing resources.


I think I love you, Tascha! :slight_smile:


We all do :wink: She’s our community mom.


Hi Tasha, ty again for your reply. Srry for being negative again, nothing personal towards you.
You are confirming in your message that the ‘Official’ servers are not able to run the game. You also confirm that your devs have been programming around the “static world”(catch up mechanism), in fact wasting resources and time and introducing a buggy mechanism that is prone to fail when the server is under stress. It was introduced as a performance fix, it could be not further away from the truth.
The only thing I see are excuses, again: stress testing, technical choices and running your game on your official servers that are up to the task is Funcom’s responsibility. Too complex for your internal resources? Get a UE4 consultant. Too many bugs to fix for your internal resources? Get some freelancers, heck pay some modders who have already fixed some of your issues themselves. Turning off a feature is not a performance fix. Suggestion: rename the servers from ‘Official’ to ‘FREE cheap server’ with a message that not all features are enabled and that it cannot cope with 40 players and the many structures on them.


I meant paying the modders to fix it for them or even paying them to incorporate the mod into their branch. And tbh if anything has the tendency to break on updates, it is the official game. Fyi: I only play on official servers.

telling a woman “mom” is an invitation to trouble… and i bet you , you just got into one lol, trust me… XD

Thanks Tascha for the reply. Great insight into the game revealed and sounds like a fun experiment to try.

I wear it as a badge of honour :slight_smile:


Fickle Elf! You said that to me last week!!

Those are excellent, constructive suggestions. Particularly a Mod Think Tank: this was an idea @Enyo and I discussed a while ago, and it still makes sense.


If anyone has played Ark here they (ue4) employ the same static world, when you come into render and the dinos start moving around like they say to themselves “someone is coming act normal!” I find it quite comical.

Modders are already heavily involved in the background.

I agree in the essential with OP, but is unfair to blame devs for that mess. Devs are doing what they can, and Conan Exiles have one of the better art team that I have ever seen on a game.

That’s a business matter. Conan Exiles have saved company but is unable to save itself. Also, CE have saved Funcom for the moment, but the image of the company that will remain on players mind is a greedy one, unable to develope a well performed game after a year and a half of EA and several months after fake full launching.

Personaly, If things doesn’t change soon and fast, I will leave CE and I doubt I’m going to buy another Funcom game in the future.


I agree the makers have passion for the game I am sure of that. Wether it be managment desitions or whatever, a game that could be #1 on top lists, is struggling to be even playable. Was it not for the people and rp I find enjoyable, I would certainly be playing something else rather than ce. Heck, even old AoC performs better…