Conan exiles on Android phone

Hello everyone.

Is there a version of the game on Android phone or a legit way to play the game on the android phone device ?

Possible? Yes.

CE wasn’t designed with phones in mind though, so… temper expectations i’d say.


Mobile hardware isn’t powerful enough or designed to run modern generation gaming. The only way would be to cloud stream, through Geforce now, Xbox gamepass, or Steamlink

So with geforce I will be able to play Conan exiles on Steam Via my phone?


You’ll need this as well though:

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What about the PS ver of the game?

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At the Google play, it shows you a picture that you can activate the PS console (ps4 + ps5) via this app.

Since I don’t know about the app yet, can you switch off the console Via remote too ?

You can. I’ve used the app in another country and done so. FYI, never got the app to work over the cell network, but on wifi it works.

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As long as the Dev’s are working miracles

Can you make it so we can carry a car with us when we get on the bus?

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With the Geforce and Steam, will I be able to download the game on to my phone and play it any time without or with internet connection?

No. You need an active internet connection.

The game also won’t be installed on your phone.

I find this strange though cuz on Google store I see the text saying that Geforce turns your phone into a powerful pc and it’s confusing too .

It shouldn’t confuse… it’s just marketing blurb…

The system is kinda like remote desktop if you’ve ever used that. Basically the game is rendered remotely and the “video” is streamed to your Phone or whatever. The phone just sends HID type signals to the remote renderer/streamer - thus you can control the character and camera from your mobile device.

If everything is working properly it makes you think the game is running on the phone itself - but it’s not.


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