Conan Exiles PC Common Technical Issues and Solutions


We are no longer offering technical support for Conan Exiles at as of July 1, 2018. I’d like to archive some known issues and solutions we found while we did offer this service. Hopefully most players won’t need this, but in the case that you do, you may find some useful information here.

If you don’t see your issue listed here, then please DM me and I’ll do my best to share any information I have and update this post.

Requirements for running the game

Minimum Requirements
These are printed on the box. The Game actually requires 52 GB of storage.

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit/ Windows 8 64 Bit/ Windows 10 64 Bit
Processor: Intel Quad Core i5-2300 or AMD FX-6300
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 (1GB) or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 45 GB available space

These are printed on the box. The Game actually requires 52 GB of storage.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel Quad Core i5/i7 3.7 GHz or AMD Ryzen 7 1600x
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti/970 (High settings) and 1070 (Ultra settings) or AMD R9 290/AMD RX 480(High Settings)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 45 GB available space

Crashing? Remove any and all mods

Sometimes after an update, mods will not be able to run until they’re updated as well. This can cause the game to crash immediately upon start up or when trying to enter the game. This is something we’re still working on.

Be absolutely sure that you don’t have anything in the folder in:

Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods\modlist.txt

And remove all folders in the 440900 folder located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\440900

Make sure to unsubscribe to any mods in the workshop

The Catchall Solution :sunglasses:: Clean Install

This seems to be a catchall solution for many issues. It’s probably not best to start with this due to the time it takes to download and install. If you can’t find a solution below, this is your best bet.

How it’s done: Please note that simply reinstalling the game as you might do under normal circumstances is not going to fix most issues. To do a clean install, please navigate to the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\

Delete the “Conan Exiles” folder that you find here, and then try installing the game through Steam as you would normally do. Note that this is the default install location. Your install location may be different choose to manually specify the install location.

Client freezes when using Alt + Tab

Problem description: The client freezes, or you can’t Alt + Tab back in. This seems to happen only for those using AMD CPU + ONBOARD AUDIO (Realtek).

What causes this: AMD CPU + ONBOARD AUDIO (Realtek)

Workaround: Can be found here > AMD Workarounds Thread

BattlEye issues

Problem description: These errors are usually easy to identify becuase they mention BattlEye in the error message itsefl.

Solutions: Most of these issues can be solved with the solutions found on BattlEye’s FAQ page >

No servers in browser

Problem description: Server lists are not being populated.

What causes this: Possibly caused by server filters that are too restrictive. There may be no servers that meet the selected criteria.

Recommendation: Make sure that the “Combat” and “Community” lists are set to “All”. The filter should be set to “Internet”. If the in-game server browser continues to be blank, then you may still use the Steam server list tool (View -> Servers).

Black screen on game startup

Problem description: Game either hangs on loading screen, or does not progress beyond a black screen on startup.

What causes this: This is very likely due to insufficient hardware. This means that either your hardware does not meet the minimum requirements to play the game, or your hardware is not being recognized correctly (e.g. drivers are not up to date or corrupt). This is usually a problem with the graphics card.

Recommendation: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC can be used to manually end the task, and then you can try to launch again. If the problem keeps occurring, then a clean driver install may help. This is assuming your hardware meets the minimum requirements.

Mounted paks num error message

Problem description: This issue is characterized by getting the following error message upon starting the game:

[File:C:\B\branch_ConanSandbox_Stable\code\UE4\Source\ConanSandbox\ConanSandbox.cpp] {Line: 509] Mounted paks num(42) not equal to expected paks num(41).

What causes this: It’s not entirely clear if there is a single cause. Most cases we saw ended up being outdated/corrupt mods and/or game files.

Solution: A clean install should fix this (see instructions near the top of this post).

Others cannot join my single player / co-op game

Problem description: Characterized by an error message that says something to the effect of “You cannot play on this server”.

What causes this: We think it’s likely due to the game not saving until you exit.

Workaround: The hosting player should get their character past to the Broken Highway discovery point. After doing this, exit to the main menu, then start the single player game again. Now you should be able to invite the other party without issue.

Infinite loading when trying to join a server

Problem description: Player can start the game, populate the server list, and attempt to join a server. They get the normal loading screen, but nothing happens beyond this point. The loading will continue indefinitely.

What causes this: This seems to be an issue with files that aren’t cleaned up properly following an update.

Solution: A clean install should fix this (see instructions near the top of this post).

"Failed to find" error messages on startup

Error message: Will look something like this:

Default Property warnings and errors: 
Error: CDO Constructor (GameItemSpawner): Failed to find/Game/Items/ItemTable.ItemTable 
Error: CDO Constructor (GameItemSpawner): Failed to find/Game/Items/Recipes/RecipesTable.RecipesTable 
Error: CDO Constructor (GameItemSpawner): Failed to find/Game/Items/Feats/FeatTable.FeatTable 
Error: CDO Constructor (GameItemSpawner): Failed to find/Game/Items/EquipmentVariationTable.EquipmentVariationTable

What causes this: This seems to be caused by mods that are not compatible with the current version of the game.

Solution: Navigate to the following location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

Edit the “modlist.txt” found there. Delete everything and leave the text file blank. This will not unsubscribe you from any mods, but it will cause them to be inactive.

Crashing to desktop after opening video

Problem description: Game crashes to desktop after opening video and before reaching the main menu.

What causes this: This seems to be an issue with having a GPU that does not meet the minimum requirements to play the game. If the player has a dual chipset, then their PC may be using the incorrect card.

Solution: If your PC has two graphics cards (common in gaming laptops), then your PC may be choosing the wrong one. You should try to force your GPU to favor performance over power conservation.

Instructions for Nvidia users:

  • Right-click your desktop, and open Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Click “Manage 3D Settings” on the left.
  • Be sure you are inside of the Global tab.
  • For the Global Presets drop-down, be sure that you have “Base Profile” selected.
  • Use the drop-down underneath that to select “High-Performance Processor”.
  • Hit “Apply” at the bottom-right.

Game doesn’t launch

Problem description: The game will not launch, or you will get messages with “C++ error”.

What causes this: Generally caused by an out-of-date Windows package installation.

Solution: The player should make sure they installed Windows update KB2999226.

They could also manually install (useful for players who may have installed the update but still have the issue):

  1. Run Windows Update. Make sure all the required updates are installed.
  2. Reboot your PC!
  3. Install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (both x86 and 64-bit versions) from here:

  1. Install or run Conan Exiles

Losing internet connection when refreshing server list

Problem description: We’ve seen reports of players losing their internet connection when refreshing the server browser.

What causes this: Having too high of a “max pings/minute” set for Steam.

Solution: From the Steam client, go to:

View -> Settings -> In-Game -> In-Game server browse: Max pings/minute

And then lower the value.

The UE4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will close - Fatal Error

Problem description: The issue is characterized by the error message below.

The UE4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will close
Fatal Error
{File:C:\UE4\Sand\Engine|Source\Runtime\CoreUObject|Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp}[Line 3386]
Could not find Superstruct Secondtick to create SecondTick.

What causes this: This seems to be an issue caused by mods. It’s not clear if it’s a specific mod, or if it’s outdated mods.

Solution: The only solution we know of is to disable mods and apply them one by one to determine which one is causing the issue.

Black screen when joining your own server

Problem description: Black screen is all you see when trying to join a server you’re hosting from the same PC. Note: this may not be an issue anymore, but I’d like this here just in case.

What causes this: By default, you cannot join a server being hosted on the PC you’re trying to play from. There is a potential workaround found by a player.

Potential solution: suggestion by Steam user Toooni

By default, servers will listen on UDP ports 27015 and 7777. If you are attempting to host a server on ports other than the default, please make sure you are editing the port in the server’s “engine.ini” file, and not through a command line parameter.

Please look for or add:

Port =”

And enter the correct port here.

Game crashes before loading

Problem description: Game does not launch beyond the splash screen and simply goes to the “crash/bug” report window that our games typically create after a crash.

What causes this: There are likely many causes, but one common one we’ve encountered is the presence of GeForce Experience.


  • Disable or uninstall GeForce Experience. Players have reported that this has alleviated some of their launch issues.
  • Reinstall Microsoft Visuals 2015, Direct X and/or video drivers
  • Last resort: Perform a clean install of the game.

We can direct message here!? The way the displays are organized on this site I thought no such feature existed, and I’ve studied your profile looking for one. No really, how do I direct message here, I have an urgent issue.

What about the issue where buildings, placeables, and inventories disappear? How do we resolve that behavior? It is common and disheartening.

Help me please. I have not available half of official servers! When trying to connect via Ip, the server is not responding! How to fix this problem?