Conan exiles PS4 Broken

Game mode: [Online | pve 3064

Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: eu

It’s the fifth time i have to rebuild my animal pen in de last week and i have lost other stuff to
I’m really made about that

Plz fix your game

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Please post what your event log has to say, along with additional information that can be helpful in narrowing down why you lost items (how they were built, for example).

The event log says it was decayed along with all my animals in the pen :(. But it Cant be decayed i play Every day and use these pens often

I play on a PS4 pro
Official server 3064

I also have problems with NPC enemies not loading and then 1 shot killing me while i Cant see them
Also sometimes when cutting Trees they vanish the same with rocks

Hey there,

Welcome to our community and sorry for the frustrating situation.
When building please make sure to place your items on top of a foundation or connected to a larger piece of your base, otherwise the decay will take it. Keep a repair hammer handy to check timers on recently placed items to avoid possible surprises.

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