PS4 Issues - Constant Bloody screens, animal pens and animals disappeared. PLEASE Help!

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So I and a friend play Conan a lot on the PS4, but not recently. We planted two animal pens and one disappeared the first time we got back on, as well as both of our screens are red with blood like we are losing health, but we are completely fine with full health. We logged straight off because we were very annoyed, we went out all day to search for baby animals which were in that pen that went missing. After logging back in a week later another pen we placed down that day went missing too. So we keep logging back in just to check if anything else has gone missing, but we will not play knowing if we do anything we get may just disappear. Our screens are constantly bloody for no reason also. There is no point in us playing anymore and we are heartbroken because we love this game. Please please help us. Our server is Official Server #3502 PvE - g-porta;.us Revision (#128262/20873)

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I cant help with the animal pen thing but I found a fix for the blood. If you log in and your at half health with a screen covered in blood you need to let a mob hit you a few times. you’ll see your health go all the way back up. After that let the mob damage you to below 50% health, kill it then heal up. red blood marks will go away.

Works for me everytime. Try it and tell me if it worked for you.


It did work thank you but that is not the main issue that we are worried about and that is stopping us from playing. Every time we put something down or change the house it disappears the next day. We want to put the world map down but it will just disappear on us. It’s so frustrating :confused:

Use a repair hammer to check the decay time on the building you make. Put the repair hammer on your hot bar, equip it so it’s in your hand then walk close to the object and look at it … a pop up will appear on your screen with the object name and remaining decay time.

What is most probably happening is you are placing the animal pen directly on the ground and away from other structures.

Many placeables such as animal pens, wheel of pain, fishing traps, large chests have a very short decay time if they are placed on the ground.

They have designed a weighted system of calculating decay based on the structure complexity and what it consists of. So one animal pen is not a base and will have a short decay time. An animal pen on top of foundations will have a higher decay time but may or may not be large/complex enough to reach the maximum decay time (on official servers this is 168 hours/7 days on PC & Xbox, temporarily longer on PS4 336 hours/14 days). It maybe that a small house needs to build on the foundations as well (Eg walls, roof, door).
Sometimes the game will associate an item on the ground very close to a larger structure with it and the item will share the larger structures decay timer - I find this most with spikes, palisades, torches, tables etc rather than large placeables.

If you are playing on a single player or co-op game you can turn the decay mechanism off.

The decay timer does need to be reset by an owner being close to it before the decay time has expired. Usually it needs a very short time but I still find it best to pull out a repair hammer and check the time has reset to max for that structure before leaving the vicinity. I found that one building I had with a max time of 126 hours needed me to stand in it for about a minute before the time increased whereas my 168 hour buildings renewed timer to maximum by the time I ran onto them after they rendered into view.

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This is being worked on, see the Trello board:

According to Ignasis on another post it has been fixed on Testlive. It will be released live on all platforms soon.

this was to be fixed months ago (at least 6). every other update they say performance fix and various other issues resolved, but nothing.

sad thing is that this thread will poof in a week like our decaying bases. CM needs to start a pinned thread for this and other unfixed issues.

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