Conan exiles purple color in health bar

hello, the purple color in the health bar is increasing every day and my life is decreasing, what is this caused by?


Corruption. You can fix it by standing next to a Dancer/Entertainer thrall or by crafting and using Purifying Brew.


Multiple causes for gaining corruption. here are some:

  1. obelisk nearby
  2. hit by undead
  3. areas in Unnamed City
  4. practicing sorcery
  5. some items

screen flashes/pulses when gaining corruption.


where can i brew beer

@Taemien is putting out there stuff you control. However if you don’t have either a recipe or a dancer thrall in your base, Conan’s bar in Sepermeru has 3 dancers in it to help cure your corruption


you will need to unlock the brewing feat at the minimum. even then, you may need to find the recipe. As I have always used the dancers, I cannot confirm that the brewing perk grants access to the cleansing brew by default. I suggest a wiki search online may be an option there…

dancer options:

  1. capture and place any tier dancer
  2. if playing pve online, visit a player base to bask in their entertainment
  3. visit Conan’s bar in Sepermaru and join him in watching the dancers therein
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It does not. It’s actually made in a stove, with a Specialist Cooking recipe


You can also hang by someone’s base that has a dancer it works through walls, @meto5205


Or, if playing on the Isle of Siptah, the Camp of the Castaways on the northernmost peninsula has an unaggressive dancer.

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That has absolutely nothing to do with this thread, and this forum is for the vanilla game.

I don’t recall if this works but dying usually gets rid of it for a few family members based on the fact they die a lot.