Can we get some craftable potions to remove corruption like heart of hero?

It would be great to have some potion that we can craft to remove corruption. Heart of hero does this, if I remember correctly but it’s really hard to get hold of one, because it expires and there are very few locations where you can find one on Siptah.
Teleporting and having to play with 40% hp is no fun at all and diminishes the value teleporters have. I would rather walk to my destination than to have my hp destroyed.
More things to craft is always nice and something to remove corruption would be great.

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And also this one makes sense now for the opposite

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Thanks for the info.
I’m testing right now. Hopefuly it’s potent enough and I don’t have to drink hundreds.
Edit: I have to drink 10 each time I teleport, which is not that bad.

You can also place a bunch of dancer thralls in the vicinity - my sacrificial altar has enough (three) of them around that the animation doesn’t even finish before I’m clean.

Will take longer with the Teleporter of course, but the principle is the same.

I just visited Conan’s bar twice… knocked out all the T3 dancers in there :smiley: That’s 6 of them… placed one at each remote teleport stone. plus the named ones I already had at my base.
However the cleansing brew is also really nice to take with you to dungeons or just exploring to get rid of the slow build-up from using ice-bridges / slow fall etc

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