Losing corruption the boring way

I usually lose corruption by watching my many, many performers, but recently watched a video of some beer able to make you lose corruption.
Can anyone please tell me what beverage that is and how to brew it?

Cleansing brew. I think ingredients are herbal tea plus yellow lotus.


Does not really worth the cost to craft it kfor the amount of corruption u loose…
I d advice to farm uc for hero hearts
The run is more rewarding and each heart removes all coruption…


Thank you both!
Just found the recipe in a Cimmerian settlement south of meteors.
Will go for the heart and performers :vulcan_salute:t3:


I never noticed that before I read this thread but a beer to remove corruption might be useful in the Black Keep. Last time I did it I was at half my health bar because of the accumulated corruption.
Farming the Unnamed City, where you take a lot of corruption, for heart of hero to use to remove corruption. The logic behind that seems not very logical to me.

Make a champions armor (chest i think) from warmaker, it removes corruption slow and steady.

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RegularAle? :beer:

Had no idea!, thanks :vulcan_salute:t3:

You can get at least 3 hearts without touching corruption in UC

Even the ones close to crruption buildings, can be bowed from quite afar to minimize inbound corruption accumulation… u will also be rewarded with gold/silver and legendary repair weapon and armour kits… and for me, if u hunt only hearts, I use 1 heart every 5th or 6th kill. So not bad as a result…
For me personally even carrying a dancer thrall in heavy armour with some legendary daggers worths more than the cleansing brew… I find using 1 purified a waste to remove such a small fraction of corruption… I prefer turning my purified into absinth or ale for the religious feast a better use for them…

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That I agree. And since heavy armour doesn’t stop the backflip move, if it wasn’t changed in a recent patch, a dancer with daggers is perfect to loose (lost ?) corruption away from home.
Since the revamp of Hanuman Cave, I think there’s better use for Hero Hearts than removing corruption.

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im aware of the advantage of set feast, but are there any additional perks besides heals/thirst/hunger to other religious feasts @Ragnaguard ? when I researched this on the wiki, I did not notice any listed.

Yes. Jebhal shagg gives 1 min of water breathing making it perfect for sunken city or looting chests from sunken ships, derketo gives a big boost to stamina regeneration making it excellent for fighting , and Ymirs feast gives u +3 to strenght (has a light heating effect also) making great to fight off coldsnap and in frozen biome… tbh I never tried mitra for some strange reason, but I will tonight (out of curiosity). Also be aware that if combined with herbal/spiced or ice tea (depending on biome ofc), the heal boost they give is extremelly fast.


hey that’s great info THANKS!!

I wonder if @TheLOLxd2 has seen this or perhaps someone can update wiki.

Sadly, you never know when food stacks with pots or paints or whatever from patch to patch but always good to try

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Thanks for the mention, I sent it to the wiki team

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Champion’s Leggings, remove corruption 30sec for 1 tick. It works though.

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