Corruption question

Any way to reduce corruption while in dungeon,without a dancer? Like a potion or something?

you can consume the heart of a hero ( found when killing the named npcs at the human camps in the UC next to relic hunter treesure seekers )

it will remove all corruption when consumed

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You can remove corruption by:

  • Spending time in the presence of Entertainer Thralls (varies per tier). Players who don’t own these type of thralls can visit the dancers in the bar of Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters to the west of the map.
  • Eating the Heart of a Hero (Unnamed City - human bosses of Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers).
  • Drinking Cleansing brew.
  • Wearing Arena Champion’s Leggings (1 point of corruption every 30 seconds).

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