How to get rid of the taint received in the no name city?


So, can you please help me?

Visiting the “no name city” in order to obtain the cartographer, I’ve received a “taint”, which limits, let’s say, around 5% my life and stamina (at the right of both, in purple). How to get rid of that?

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This taint is called Corruption, and it’s the magic residue from the dark places of the Exiled Lands. Certain places are filled with it, certain objects like Obelisks give it off like radiation, and some weapons and creatures can impart Corruption on receiving damage from them.

Free Entertainers, like @Ragnaguard says, are the easiest but most time-consuming way to cure Corruption. This requires you to run to a mostly-neutral city of Sepermeru and sit in a special tavern for a little while. While there, and in the radiation of the dancers, your depleted bars will slowly return to normal! The portable options are the best, though, as @Zeb says. While in the Unnamed City, look for the tall humans in heavy armor: their hearts are an edible Corruption-healing raw snack.


All of the posts above are correct. The hearts are called ‘Heart of a Hero’


Thank you, this is my learning point for today :slight_smile:


Taint pooty and it taint booty

Thanks to you all for all your tips and informations! Certainly extremely useful! :slight_smile: I will try the hearts in the Unnamed City first. :slight_smile:

Hi again!

Anyone know if I can face those Elite Hunters being at level 31?

I have already reached a dancer, and I am near her. But nothing happens. Do you know how many time it tooks to get rid of that corruption with the dancing?

Thank you Zeb. I got it, inside that bar with Conan himself inside. I was even able to talk to him. :slight_smile:


best way to remove your “taint” is to watch a stripper… i dont need to get into the details of how exactly you do that but im guessing you probably have a general idea of how it works

Theoretically, yes. They’re just bigger, meaner, well-armored human NPCs, but everything that works on regular human NPCs works on them. These guys tend to hang out with some Relic Hunter buddies, so fighting them solo can be dangerous. Relic Hunters are some of the toughest human NPCs, balanced for end-game players, but if you’re good enough, you can defeat anything in the game at any level.

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