Conan Exiles RP-Showcase YOUR Server!

It’s DLC art and story contest time again! Showcase your best players and drum up some interest for your roleplay server! Rules and details at our CE RP websitte here: Conan Exiles RP

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So many great servers…so little time! There are days I wish I could play on almost all of them! LOL With over 2k users and new RP servers being posted constantly there’s pretty much something for everyone. Our accompanying Discord community is both helpful and relaxed. Talk about running a server (and advertise your own there as well!), talk about mods, talk about RP and upcoming game changes and additions as well as your hopes and dreams for the game from a roleplayer’s perspective. Grab your axe and come join the conversation and explore the MANY worlds of CE’s awesome private roleplay servers.

With new DLC on the way it’s time for CE RP’s story and art contest where you can win a copy of the DLC of your choice as soon as the new DLC releases. Time is running out so forgive the late notice! But hey RP server owners, it’s a great way to showcase the talents of your players and get people excited about your RP server! And if you haven’t placed a server ad on CE RP yet, now might be the time to do so!

Yes CE RP is still here and still going strong. With an RP server to cater to literally every taste, if RP is your thing, this is the place to come find your home. Want to showcase YOUR server? This is the place to do it. Instead of just a short blurb of text in a sea of other short blurbs of text you can truly let your server shine with pictures, important information on your settings, your rules and lore of your server. The website truly gives you the opportunity to create a server showcase that will help not just get your server seen, but will also help you draw in the kinds of players you want.

Looking forward to seeing you! Any questions, feel free to ask!

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Looking forward to the new DLC? What roleplayer isn’t? Looking for a private roleplaying server with specific mods and rulesets? Would you like to discuss the game with other roleplayers? Showcase your own RP server without being trolled? CE RP’s website and discord remain among the best places for all of that! Feel free to join us!

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Still going strong and with a current listing of great new and returning RP servers to choose from, Conan Exiles RP makes it easy to find out the answers to information you want to know before joining a roleplay server.

Please feel free to join us!


The Conan Exiles RP community is hyped for tomorrow’s announcement and eager to see how new content will shape the world of private RP servers. Exciting things are bound to happen! Come share it with us!

So a few brave souls are running Isle of Siptah RP servers now and some are even running both the original Exiled Lands map AND Isle of Siptah! Come check out the RP goodness if you are looking for a roleplaying server to play on! And if you are a server owner of a roleplaying server, be sure to showcase your server here!

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Hi, I am an admin on The Bonded Ones RP/PVP Conan Exiles server. We are successfully running 2 The Exiled Lands and Siptah maps and there is a real buzz due to the new content.

We have a great community and I fully endorse Alexandria’s comments, CERP Enjin is in my opinion the best site to discuss and share your ideas, opinions and stories about CE and to promote your server. A good portion of our lovely community found TBO there. Alexandria works very hard to keep that site up to date and running efficiently and I would advise anyone playing CE, running a server or thinking of returning to check the CERP Enjin site out and make an account there.

Great work Alexandria!


CE-RP should 100% be your first stop for anything related to RP in Conan Exiles! From beginners guides on RP and lore right through to the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of RP servers anywhere around and some extremely knowledgeable staff; this is 100% your best bet for getting involved or staying involved!


This is truly the best place to find the Conan server that fits your tastes, not to mention its a great resource for lore questions, community discussions, stories, and you can even get troubleshooting tips if you’re in need of help. If you’re part of the Conan roleplaying community, you should absolutely be here.


CE RP Enjin site and it’s discord server are the long time proven nexus of the entire Conan Roleplay community, great platform to advertise great variety of servers with their own style and approaches to RP, their own vision of Conan Universe. As well as it is a place to learn and explore the World of Conan in general with many lore sources and works, performed by it’s admins.
But what is most important, is that it is a gathering place for many and many RP - future clanmates and friends, that you can find and discuss the game and servers with.


Here is the million dollar question. How much of that RP has actually been Howard’s Conan RP? Because I’ve been part of 5 different RP servers where 80% of the people are playing characters and using lore that have nothing at all to do with Howard’s world.

As an REH purist I feel your pain! LOL I’ve done my best to get server owners to be very open about what lore they follow and I’ve tried to make it easy to use REH as a resource as well with my Howard Lore Project which is also on the CE RP website so that anyone may access it.

Part of the challenge of “Conan lore” is that 1. Howard’s actual body of work is relatively small. 2. Most people don’t understand the difference between canon and tertiary sources. So they accord the various RPGs based on Conan, the movies, the comics and the works by other authors equal weight. Worse, some of them just mix it all up together! LOL

But there does seem to be a slowly growing trend in servers at the very least narrowing down what “lore” they accept for their server and spelling out where to find the “lore” they use.

There’s also servers out there chucking anything having to do with Conan entirely and using the game to graft their own homebrew setting on.

So yeah, it’s a very mixed bag. But if you’re interested in a server working hard to stick to Howard (up to and including forbidding anyone to play a Yamatai because that isn’t one of Howard’s many races!) maybe stop by and give Black Circle a look.

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I’m talking about them just flat out not doing Conan lore. People playing characters from WoW or D&D or AoC and basically ignoring Conan lore all together. However on the subject of Conan lore it doesn’t help that people are using that one Discord of lore that is all made from uncannon sources.

Yes there are plenty of fantasy servers. I don’t mind that so long as they are clearly described as such. As to the “lore source” you speak of, the CLA was originally put together for a specific server and, as such, was indeed a mashup of sources. Then, because it was highly requested, it was basically “released into the wild” and no one bothered to add a disclaimer. So then the uneducated thought it was canon. sigh BUT, you should be happy to learn that the original author of this compilation has been doing a complete overhaul, all with proper citations and attributions. It’s actually a good piece of scholarly work. So… things are improving… however slowly!

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Also, as Alex said, RP Servers that are advertised on the CERP Enjin site have the lore their server is based on spelled out. Alex has been diligent in making sure that server owners do that.

It is a great RP Community. The server I assist in administration for has seen more traffic since advertising our server there, than here in the Funcom Forums.


While we in the world of private servers and mods all await the incoming Update with fear and trembling over the potential destruction it will wreak on our beautiful RP worlds, most servers are dedicated to weathering the storm and have good plans in place for dealing with the fallout. Thankfully, time has shown this to be temporary and there are a lot of top notch modders out there ready to hit things hard and get them back to working as quickly as possible. It’s still a good time to join discords and get to know various RP server communities! Hope to see you around!

This is a good site for people looking for RP servers, and server owners/admins like me. The community is good, and fellow admins and owners are willing to give advice to help others. Lots of good information there, and if you can’t find an RP server on this site, I’m not sure what to tell you. :smiley:

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Well the dust of "Modpocalypse " has begun to settle in the world of RP private servers. Most are back up and running full steam ahead. Some have made changes to their mod lineups and others have wiped and gone with a fresh start. It’s a great time to get in on the RP goodness. Come check it out.