Conan Exiles Server not working

Hey guys,

im really tired and i have a problem with my root server. I cant fix it.

I still reinstall the server and the problem still exist.

I run conan exiles on a linux root server with 16gb RAM an 6 core. 400gb ssd.

After the last update i patched my server and then the problem starts.

the update was good everything is installed and i started the server after finished the update.

server starts without problems and i wanne connect.

but the server is not available. so i take a look in the console and it said

PacketHandlerLog:Error: PacketHandler parsing packet with zero’s in last byte.
[2019.04.13-15.27.47:011][762]PacketHandlerLog:Error: PacketHandler parsing packet with zero’s in last byte.
002e:err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"PacketHandler parsing packet with zero’s in last byte."

how can i fiy it? what have i to do? i checked the firewall and changed the port to 7767 or 7788 or 7778 but nothing helps.

got anyone an idea?

pls help me i wanne play on my server again.


[2019.04.13-15.38.14:068][789]LogServerStats: Sending report: exiles-stats?players=0&=19.80%3A33.52%3A613.28&uptime=60&memory=13872939008%3A16819240960%3A2730377216%3A2730377216&cpu_time=9.539586%3A57.237514&npcailods=0%3A0%3A0%3A1208&buildingailods=0%3A0%3A0%3A0&placeableailods=0%3A0%3A0%3A4&ipv4=SERVERIP&sport=7777

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