Conan exiles unplayable lag

Always have the problem of lag in play.
it s as if this load a picture by segonde.
I think the game does not accept resaux 4g there must be a problem especially that i try the box 4G cable and 5 sharing connection and that other people have the same problem .
All my other game work very well and there are 3 days it s going well.
I play on the server 3068.
And i would like to have it if you have a solution because i have to pay several dlc for nothing cutie as i can not play…

I Tried to be as clear as possible with google translate thanks in advance of your answers

I would suggest trying a solo game for a while and see if you have the same issue. Would help to eliminate a possible internet problem.

It’s not a problem internet

Bonjours cela fait un moi que je joue a conan et depuis quelque jours je ne peu plus jouer le jeu lag a mort au dirait que sa envoie une image par segonde. J ai donc tester de changer de connexion j ai tester avec 5 telephones en partage de connexion 1 freebox et ma box 4G donc le probleme vien pas de ma connectiôn ni du serveur vue que sa marche sur aucun
Auriez vous une solution??? Surtout que j ai payer 2-3dlc…

ils ont eu des problèmes avec certains des serveurs, en particulier avec lag.

Pour aider l’équipe de développement, pouvez-vous préciser sur quel serveur vous vous trouvez (officiel ou privé, ou en mode solo)? Cela aide à identifier les éléments que l’équipe doit rechercher et vous aide à résoudre le problème.

Je suis sur le serveur 3086 mon id est Sc-AxPrO

J ai oublier de prescicer c est un serveur pvp officiel

Hello @Sixela77, welcome to our community!

We’d appreciate it if you could submit your feedback in english, so most members may also understand the post and be able to participate in it.

Regarding the lag issues on Server 3086, we’ve looked into it and couldn’t find any problems, so the issue you’re experiencing might be on your end.

Do you also experience issues in other servers and in singleplayer mode?

Also, are you currently on a wireless network?
If so, could you try a wired setup through a network cable?

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Hello, i tried to connect to wire with my box 4G and 5 phones in connection sharîng, an all these connections i have 80 GB.
My connection works on all the other game.
But 3 days ago all worked well it is for his that i do not understand .

And no matter which mode or server i have this beug.
Even if i am câbler i go through a network 4G

Hello, we’ve just merged your old post with the new one for convenience, to keep both discussions in one place.

This might be a tricky situation to debug so please bear with us through the following questions:

Could you disable your internet connection on the console, then launch the game and play it on the single player mode?

Do you have any issues with other games at this time, just to make sure that it’s not hardware related?

Are you on a HDD or SSD? Internal or external drive?

Are you on the latest game update? Have you tried reinstalling the game?

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In single player mode without connection the game works.
I have no problems with other games i have a very good connexiôn.
I m on the hard disk of the origiinal ps4 internally and i also made the last update of the game and i tried 3 times to uninstall and installed

For me since the last update the game accepts more cônnection 4G

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