Conan Exilies bugs and server connection issues

Conan is so bugged and non existent customer support. I Will strongly advise everyone wanting to play Conan on online public servers to take note of the following:

1- No customer support and only automated email replies

2- Very, very buggy and major frequent server connection problems which WILL lead to loss of inventory, weapons, armour, companion thralls etc. (examples of bugs: # frequent loss server connection during major combat including boss fights, # companion thralls and mounts can block exits, restrict your movement and leave you stuck in tight places or even stop on top of you preventing you from redirecting them or moving them causing you to get stuck and forcing you to kill yourself, # companion thrall regularly gets stuck/freezes and will require you to backtrack and search for them, # recall body with sorcery is buggy and you will loose character and inventory due to this bug, # very often experiencing major lag in game which will get you and companion thralls killed. # Poor agility build options and legendary agility weapon selection and drops. # many npc’s are not loading in properly and appears invisible, # time to level up thralls are pain staking long, # unnecessary long animations when comes to sacrifices, # some inconsiderate players building huge walls blocking roads and travel routes forcing you to climb around them and even walls around some world bosses restricting access to these bosses, and also restricting spawning of regular thrall and boss spawn points # player abandoned thralls and pets floating all over map, # and developers will NOT replace your losses caused by in game bugs or funcom game server issues, NO SUPPORT at all ! )

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