Connection to Server Lost again, and AGAIN

I am fairly new to Conan, but am SERIOUSLY destrought at how much I am being kicked out of one of the official servers I am trying to build a character on. I lost cauntless resources do to this issue, and a few minutes ago my ALMOST level 20 thrall I have been leveling for I do not know how long. I was fighting a bear, lost connection, when I came back, my thrall and my character were dead… I AM SO tired of this issue and having my hard earned resources stolen from me. HOW can I recommend this game to ANYONE under the circumstances??

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There is a fix on this on the next update, its already on testlive.

…obviously you can’t recommend a game that crashes or quicks you out too often bcos the game becomes an unplayable game. I’m with you, so me and tons of players -who wont come to this forums for telling this- are suffering this serious game failure several months ago.

Most of them will stay and wait to jun 22 for the expected ‘fix’, much others won’t wait til such date and just leave the game before 22 jun and others maybe gave up and quit the game some weeks ago.


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