Conan for free on Epic games launcher


I am New to this game I bought it at the start of June, If I would have waited a month I could have got it for free, I regret nothing.

Hey there,

Conan Exiles has had several Steam Free Weekends (trial only) in the past.
Edit: It will likely have sales to go along with this on Epic in the future.

Could you clarify for me where you bought it? Epic Games Launcher, Epic Games Store, Steam Store, somewhere else (not official!)

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Don’t worry, plenty of the people who grab it for free will still regret their purchase.

There are no “free weekends” on Epic. When they have a game as free, the game is free to own. Not a trial like Steam. Also, you’re not a dev or cm, so why do you want to know where someone bought their game when there’s nothing you can do about it? I hate wannabe hall monitors.

Thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile: