Conan is not Xbox play anywhere!

imagine buying an Xbox game that can only play on ps4 servers…the Xbox play anywhere is false…fix this so others don’t get confused…Ark is play anywhere…Conan is not…

I’m pretty sure a company is responsible for deciding if their game is “play anywhere” or not, and some companies opt out

Is Conan listed as play anywhere? If it is and it’s not working you’ll probably need to go to Microsoft for your issue. If it’s not listed as play anywhere maybe you can convince FunCom to change it, although it would probably be over their head and be decided by their parent company, but it never hurts to ask

Hopefully it can get worked out!

Ok, I just checked and CE is listed as play anywhere, so it obviously should be. I’d definitely recommend contacting Microsoft support as they’re most likely the ones to be able to fix this issue for you

It’s listed as play anywhere for xbox systems only. So you can jump between an xbox one and a series x just fine. I do it all the time.

That is not correct, per definition a xbox play anywhere describes a game, that can be downloaded & played on xbox platforms as well as on Windowes 10 PCs!
What you talked about is Xbox backward compatibility, and well, CE only runs on Xbox One & Series X/S maschines, not on original and not on 360 machines. so it is not even backward compatible in the sense of meaning.
The save games as well as the achievements can be transferred between the platforms if you follow Microsofts description here:

[Xbox Play Anywhere | Xbox](Xbox Play Anywhere | Xbox)

It does not neccessary mean crossplay, but CE does in the moment not fullfill the requirements for Xbox Play anywhere in the sense of definition. It should at least cover SinglePlayer saves as well as achievements - what it not does. I installed it and I have a fresh game, not my cloud saves!

I guess, funcom should sit together with Microsoft to get this sorted out. Either it is a Xbox play anywhere title as advertised or it is not, what is the actual state.

In the moment CE will be installed even with a dedicated server app on windows 10 from the store. Microsoft has cloud gaming in the pipeline and I guess, if FC would sit with MS to talk about, here could be the solution for Xbox-compatible dedicated server. But this could be a complete different thread :slight_smile:

What do you think on which channel should MS be contacted ? The regulary support channels dont fit here…