PC Gamepass and console Gamepass for Conan exiles

So here’s my issue. I have played Conan exiles on my Xbox console using Gamepass. I’ve made it somewhat far and don’t want to restart on my singleplayer/co-op world. I’ve recently discovered the title was play anywhere and thought i could clear storage on my Xbox and have a better experience with the game if i played it on pc. So i downloaded it through the Xbox gamepass app on my pc. It downloaded and i opened the game to find that there was no save data at all. how can i get my savedata from my xbox console to my PC using gamepass?

Single-Player game data is stored on the local machine, not in the Steam Cloud (I discovered this the hard way, after reinstalling my PC…).

I’ve no idea if it’s possible to convert the game data file from XBox into something a PC can read.

Well Im not using steam. I’m using Xbox game pass for both the console and the PC and Conan is listed as a Play Anywhere Game so it doesn’t make sense as to why they wouldn’t save your single player data?

Because you can play Single-Player offline, it makes more sense that the game data is stored on the local machine. As Conan Exiles is listed as a Play Anywhere game, it should transfer your save data by definition, though.

Well I’ve also used my single player world to play co op. I guess it would still save to the same place though. I was thinking maybe i had to create a funcom account or something and link an xbox acount but that doesnt seem to be the case. ( i havent tried yet)

very interesting that it has now the “XBox Play Anywhere” Tag.
Relating Solo Player: I play now since three xbox-generations and took my Solo Player Game with me - what means that it is stored in the xbox-cloud.
Did you install it from microsoft store on pc ?
i really wish I could export my game from the officials, make my own server on a PC, import it there and so get rid of the officials or servers I have to rent…

I downloaded it from the Xbox Gamepass App

Thank you, I’ll give it a try but I guess, CE still does not support crossplay, even the XBOX Anywhere Tag suggerates this.

So my Single Player data will not come to PC?

Without crossplay (beside also means shared savegames) a clear NO. However - as already told - the microsoft cloud also stores single-player games, but - without crossplay - only platform-dependent.

Sorry im kinda slow what does that mean?

Well i never joined an online server i just had my own Singleplayer/co op world that i was the owner of. So will that data only stay on my xbox or can i get it on my pc? im using the same microsoft account.

Well, it looks like it might be a bug, or the game was not labeled properly.

I had a friend confirm that the purchased “play anywhere” titles they have do transfer saves from the console to PC (and back), but, you must be logged in just to once device at a time however, not every gamepass title is enabled for “play anywhere”.

Did your friend try Conan Exiles, too?

I suspect “not labeled properly” is the answer here, unless something has been updated to make XBox and PC saves compatible.

No he didn’t but this is probably the right answer

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