Conan on SSD vs HDD?

So I used to play Conan on HDD over a year ago but when I got my new computer I installed it on my SSD. Well my SSD used to share Conan and Star Citizen but with the recent Conan updates I ran out of space and uninstalled Star Citizen.

Some friends asked me to give Star Citizen another try which will require me to move Conan to my HDD.

Just curious what is the current experiences with running Conan on the HDD? If I remember correctly the biggest benefit that I saw from the SSD was just the load times (such as obelisks).

Also, can someone remind me which file/s I need to copy in order to not lose my character information?

Thank you!

Load times is the main benefit of using SSDs, that’s for 99.9% games. Won’t it be easier to just install star citizen on hdd?

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Well , at login ( when you will load your main base ) having it on an HDD will increase occurences of having the falling animation while walking on some of your building pieces .

the file you are looking for is , in programs(X86) / steam / steamapps / common / Conan Exiles / Conan Sandbox / Saved

From what I’ve seen, you pretty much need to run Star Citizen off of a SSD.

When I played it in the past I thought it had great visuals but buggy as all get out. Might give it a try again since friends are playing.

Interesting - I didn’t realize Steam can help move games?

Well hot dang! learned something new. Thank you

Oh well, I have to decide whether to give S/C (buggy as it is) another try and live with longer Conan loading times or just give S/C another pass for now.


Good point. To be honest I didn’t realize how cheap SSD is now… Just took a look and seriously thinking of adding either a 500GB or 1TB 2.5" drive.

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Its pretty much load times that are affected. But that has an interesting side effect.

There’s a bug, that many of you have seen. Where you walk over foundations but appear to float over them. What causes this is your client has an issue loading all of the assets. You see the visual (which I assume is in a cache) but the physics do not load for you. But when you walk over them, your client believes nothing is there. The server knows you aren’t supposed to fall through that space so it keeps you elevated.

SSD’s mitigate this heavily (they don’t 100% eliminate it). So moving back to HDD will see this bug resurface more often.

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