Conan or not ever seen after beginning

Dear Funcom

I’ve been wondering about name of this the game when you only see Conan at beginning and not in the entire game. Will we ever see him ?
it would be great to actually also have him appear now and then

The entire game map/ icons are very small, an not eye friendly .
The treasure books ,read walls and teleport point locations is not marked or visible
Great game but buggy and lack of many things so pleasssssse could fix the bugs and help our poorly sighted with better visibility

He is around, chilling, having a drink…if you can count it as such. he’s not a fan of Sorcery, and kinda roamed the place looking for one he saved.

Maybe they finish up Razma questline, with her and him meeting. Who knows.


Conan is around, see below if you don’t mind spoilers.

He’s in the bar in Sepermeru.

He is in the game, and he plays a role in the storyline (such as it is), but this being a sandbox game, it’s entirely possible to play a thousand hours and never meet him.

So, Conan Exiles - sure, it’s a game about being exiled in the “Conanverse” aka Hyboria, but it’s not strictly speaking a Conan game, even if he does make a token appearance. Incidentally I’m okay with this, but it might feel a bit odd to some people (and I wouldn’t blame them if so).

Hey Capetonian,

Yes, you will see Conan again, but he’s not the main focus of the story: your character is. The game is called “Conan Exiles” because it ties into Conan the Barbarian’s universe, but you’re also an exile in that universe.

We are still working on fixing bugs and critical issues. We’ll also see if we’re able to improve the visibility.

Not only is Conan in the game, used to be you could attack and kill him!

I uh…I ate Conan once, guys. Should I not have done that?


Eating Conan (or the titular character of any game) is generally frowned upon. Though I’m sure there are exceptions.

I’m sure Conan is good for some serious gastric pain on the way out at least.


My first reunion with Conan was surreal and memorable.

His steely gaze and spitting, unimpressed assessment of the land and its people, all delivered while stoically but immovably placed in front of a trio of three clearly and extremely masculine entertainers.
“I decided the place I want to be is at a bar drinking and watching dancers. I believe in follow-through. This is what I found and I’m staying.”

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