Conan Exiles is unplayable

Disclaimer: Angry Rant

I‘ve played Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for a long time (more than 6000 hours). I‘m one of these guys which are willing to spend a lot of time in a game i like, as most of us are.

And i want to enjoy conan exiles, i‘ve always loved the concept the setting and the overall gameplay.

But those bugs and glitches make me lose my f**kin mind!
Developing games is complex and expensive, we all get it.

But every time they come up with an “update” the game is unplayable!
(And it doesn’t matter on whitch platform there are entire forums filled with discussions about whats going on with “fun”-com‘s ignorance for their player base, as we all know).

After a while they fix it and then the whole cycle repeats itself! :sweat_smile::+1:
And many of these issues are well known since the release, thralls falling through the map, they stuck or dissapear.

But now it‘s getting even worse!
Invisible enemies, invisible pets, building parts and benches dissapear, you lose your inventory your talents and recipes and other progress.

When i logged in last time, everything i just mentioned happened at the same time + my character and my lianeele switched from female to male!? And that was even on solo!!!

WHAT THE F**k!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Instead of reworking the same mechanics over and over, like the skills, the purge, legendaries and the chests and the now useless repair kits.

Nerfing and boosting and play with numbers and behave like einsteins (what is not “new content” by any means).

They should prefer to get it work properly for f**k sake!
But no, they show us their middle fingers with that $hitty bazar they pulled out of their arse!? :exploding_head:

All of us had a lot of patience, but i can’t help but think: maybe i‘ll give it a chance once the “support” of BORDERLINE-UNfuncom has come to an end.
Maybe the final version of the game will function.

Or they turn it around… hopefully, hope dies last i guess.
But they should do it as soon as possible, otherwise more and more of their players will vanish.

These devs have to be the worst ever! I can’t understand how you could possibly screw up such a great sanbox game.

Should have been a hit but not with that amount of technical issues!
Could have been a surprise hit like Monster Hunter World was, it was not perfect either but the devs gave everything for it, and most important it worked!!!

F**kin hell :triumph:

And both games released in 2018 but those clueless lobotomized morons of dumbcom are still not able to get it work!?

But no worries UNfuncom “your death will be as meaningless as your life!” :skull_and_crossbones::coffin::headstone:

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This is the feedback threads :joy:

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